Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

    I think I always wanted to be a mother. Even when I was little I used to pack my baby, Susie, everywhere. I bathed her so much her hair turned green and matted. Her face was a bit greenish now that I think about it, too! But I loved her like she was a part of me. I think I have my Mom to thank for that. She is by far the most loving Mother one could ever dream of. She always had energy beyond her years and kept ahead of five kids. I hardly ever remember her sitting except to read to us. She read a lot to her kids and we really looked forward to that. I am thankful to her and my Dad for giving us such a wonderful childhood filled with good memories. I am also thankful for what they didn't give to us:

1. STUFF. We were not lavished with the latest and greatest toys. We made a lot of our own things and really had to use our noggins. Outside we had the woods, bikes, lots of tools, trails, animals galore, and each other. I am still close to my siblings. We grew up great friends and remain great friends! Inside Mom provided paper, glue, crayons, and paints. My sister and I gravitated toward fabric. We sewed everything from doll clothes, home decor, to our own clothing. Yes, we were a creative family. I can't ever remember being bored.

2. Mom was always real. She never made it seem like life was a cake walk and I am glad. We are all going to run into rough spots. She leaned on the Lord and taught us to do the same. I am so glad that she did because without Him life would be a lot harder!

3. They didn't give us money. Nope. We had to work. Real hard. If we wanted something big, they would help us where they could, but we had to earn most of it. What a virtue to instill in your kids. All of my brothers and sister were successful at a young age. I hope to do the same with my children:0).

4. Doubt. My Mom and Dad NEVER doubted us. They absolutely bragged about us constantly to other people. Mom would always tell us when someone complimented her children. We could do no wrong. I think we never dreamed of doing something shameful because WOW we had a reputation. To say the least, they had kids with GREAT self esteem. Thanks Mom for building that self reliance and complete satisfaction in us!

5. Mom never gave us the easy way out. Nope. Our  parents taught us to stand on our own two feet. To be discerning of people, kind, helpful. To look at those who need aid...and help them in a thoughtful way. They taught us to love others, but that the person who is doing wrong doesn't need to be your best friend. They gave us consequences for our actions and stuck to it. Mom prayed for us, for our friends, future spouses {thanks. Mom...I got a good one:0)}. They instilled an absolutely rock solid set of morals. I can remember my Dad completely cutting off a couple of friends who had cheated on their wives. He always said if they were capable of that, they were capable of doing more harm. My Mom tried to surround herself with wonderful people, but opened the doors to those that needed a step up. She and my Dad gave us a foundation.

     Thanks Mom for always being there for me. I truly love you inside and out.


    My Mother's Day was perfect and lovely in every way. The kids helped me plant the garden. WOO HOO! I think that I am actually going to get everything in at a good time this year. We planted two double rows of "Empress" green beans. They are a really prolific heirloom and you can buy them through Seed Savers. Last year, I had beans until October!! We planted a 50 ft. row of carrots for freezing and a row of Zinnias. Next week, we will put in corn, melons, and pumpkins. I am hoping to hit the Farmer's Market a few time this year with melons and flowers.  I already have two 50 ft. rows of heirloom potatoes, onions, and peas. I have spinach and lettuce in my raised boxes and tomatoes will come in June. Can't wait until we can start eating fresh veges!!

     Hubby made the most delicious dinner of homemade fries, steak, and corn on the cob. He also bought me a new watering can. All of mine had holes in the bottom. He is so thoughtful. The kids played in the sandbox a lot of the day and let me weed the yard. Mother's Day is usually my weeding/ planting day. Can you tell? The weather was so warm and beautiful that the kids brought out the hose and made ponds and swimming pools in the sand. It is like a mini beach out there:0). My camera is currently I wish I had pictures of them digging and laying in the pools of water. It was hilarious:0).

     There were so many moments yesterday that I just stopped and thanked God for what I have as a Mother. These kids are precious beyond belief to me. Hubby and I are truly blessed with four unique, perfect children. I couldn't ask for more in life:0).



Cheech said...

Yay for Mother's Day!! Glad you got alot done in the yard!!

Beth said...

This has been put in my bookmarks to come back to often! So wonderful to stop and count our blessings from Yahweh! HE is awesome!
Thank you for your friendship, Julie.

Julia said...

You are so sweet Beth! I count your friendship as a huge blessing:0).

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