Friday, June 4, 2010

Enjoy Your Views

     I love my views. 
We are blessed to live in an area with beautiful landscape. 
Our farm is in full swing as summer is almost here!
 My kids can't wait:).

We farm Timothy hay. 
Everyone helps out. 
The kids and I move wheel lines to ensure the grass gets enough water. 

It is peaceful.
It makes my heart quiet...and my muscles ache with all of the labor involved.
But that's a good thing:).

My Hubby loves to be out there.
He works 2 jobs, 7 days a week right now. 
This field is work, but it is also his refuge.
He has built our farm for us, for him... because it is his dream.
I think farming runs through his veins. 

I tease him because he has a degree in Finance. 
If you know anything about farming, the two don't always mix. But singlehandedly, he has provided the most wonderful life for his family. He has done this without major debt. 
No operating loans. Mostly cash. 
If you know anything about farming, that is amazing. 
My hubby IS amazing. 
To top that off, he spends every waking moment with his children. He works a lot with them, but somehow I find him on the floor playing Tinker Toys, throwing a football in the backyard, or just sitting on the back porch talking to his kids. 

We are learning to lean on the Lord and to be more content so that we can expand enough to quit the second job. I think that is the way God wants us to live. Look to Him for direction, work hard, be content with what He has given us, and wait for prosperity.

My flowers this Spring have been very prosperous.

My sister Charity captured these beautiful shots of bachelor buttons and bumbles. 

Irises are in full bloom and we are building a coop for 9 little chicks.

Peas and potatoes are loving the cooler weather and rain.

I can hardly wait for my Peonies to show.
 They are one of my favorite blooms and look so pretty on the kitchen table.


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Kate @ Bliss and That said...

I stumbled on your blog from Flower Patch Farmgirl and love it! Sooo beautiful, where you live... My hubby and I are dreaming of where to settle down for our little "farm", and this looks divine! ;)

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