Sunday, July 11, 2010

Farming Bliss

I absolutely adore this time of year. 
The warm, glowing summer days invite an insatiable amount of growth.
The kids are growing, the garden is blossoming, and the hay is being put up.

I also absolutely adore this man:). 

We farm Timothy hay for the domestic market { we don't ship it overseas }.
When the weather is right and the hay is ripe, we cut it into big fluffy wind rows.
The hay has to dry for about 3-4 days, and then we bale it.

The hay bales symmetrically dot the field in a checkerboard pattern. 
Months of hard work were required, yet somehow I savor the day that I get to see this out my window.

I've been weeding. 
A lot.
Our tin scarecrow, Maud, appreciates her view much better, thank-you.

We have been implementing the best idea ever in the garden.
Mulch! I can't live without it!!
Why I didn't try this in past years, I don't know... but I am hooked on it!

Grass clippings have been the best because they tend to lay down a little heavier and they don't blow away in the wind.

Here they are around the green beans. 
So very few weeds poke though, and if they do, they are very easy to pull up. 
Mulch also helps to keep moisture in for the plant. We technically live in a desert, so I need all the help I can get!

The wheat row acts as a wind barrier to the green beans.

The clippings have made a great cover for my potatoes. I just keep mounding as we mow, and there are already little potatoes growing in the mulch. It is so wonderful! I can just lift the grass and voila!, I don't have to dig for clean, easy to reach potatoes. 

This week you will most likely find us shelling and freezing peas. 
My little one thinks this is the free snack aisle:).

I also tried companion planting in my raised beds. The concept seems to be working well. You plant corn in the center and then lettuce under it. The corn provides shade to the lettuce which despises a hot day.

And I will leave you with first sunflower of the summer.
She was a little self-planted surprise!

Happy gardening:)!



Leslie said...

i am almost "speechless" form those shots of you fields and the mountains behind. it is so gorgeous. i want to just sit there with you and sip some sun tea and enjoy the view.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Oh I am jealous of the view you have! Thanks for sharing it!!

Stef said...

What an incredible sense of accomplishment you must feel! Wow. I mean, Wow. Those lines of hay are so calming and beautiful. And your garden looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your view is fabulous! Your little picket fence around the garden is even better...and your garden is thriving!

How could one NOT be content......

The Pennington Point said...

Julia, this is so beautiful. Those hay bales are wonderful....I know they represent a lot to you. Your garden is an inspiration. Lisa~

Jessica said...

Beautiful view of gardens, hay and life! Thanks for sharing!


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