Tuesday, August 31, 2010


 Lily was chasing butterflies in the garden the other day. 

She didn't have a butterfly net, so she picked up the pool skimmer and away she went. 
I started thinking about my goal of being more content.
How often do I think I need something that is perfect, polished, and the essence of Martha Stewart perfection?  I'll admit...I am so guilty of wanting the "the best" when it comes to kitchen tools, home decor, clothing, achieving certain goals....you get the picture. But really, when you really think about it, how often are those things truly necessary? 

Not very often.

The Lord has really been pressing on my heart to improvise when needed and not compromise the outcome.
Using the pool skimmer did not in any way hamper Lily's joy in catching a butterfly.
In fact, it worked even better because she could reach farther with that long pole:).

We don't have a lot of things, but what we do have works.
 It just plain works....somehow.
The key to contentment is recognizing that it is OK not to have every little thing that might make you look good on the outside. Letting the joy of knowing Christ and being thankful for what you have touches others in a much more powerful way. 
I think too often we overlook that what we have is enough. If we turn to the Lord and ask Him for what we need, He ALWAYS provides. 
I tend to forget that.

 Last week, I prayed that we could have a little cash flow from hay sales come in.
 With the recession, we have had a decline in customers. Horses are an expensive hobby:).
 I prayed this time with the confidence that Jesus was going to answer. 
And do you know what?
 We sold more hay last week than we have all summer!
I am always amazed at the blessings bestowed upon us.

So this week I am improvising...not compromising!

I bought three boxes of peaches over a week ago and have NOT been able to can! They are getting too soft, which troubles me to the core, but I will make jam today.
 Lots of it. 
Nobody will be upset that there are a gazillion jars of peach deliciousness in the pantry, and I am definitely not compromising on quality. 
We will have it on toast, pancakes, and ice cream through the Winter.
Here are two verses that have really spoken to me.
I think they sum up quite nicely what we are supposed to do in this life:).

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.
James 1:22

Isn't that the best?

Hope you have a lovely day! 
We are getting ready for some FUN days at the Fair and I hope to have pictures to show soon:).



Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Julia,
Thanks for the wonderful post. It was exactly what I needed right now.


Anne Marie said...

thanks Julia....I think a lot of people can relate to this post...especially these days when you get so inspired by others on their blogs! so much inspiration out there...but being careful not to get caught up in it.

Rie said...

Love this post! I love the analogy with the butterfly net. :)

I'm also happy to hear that you are enjoying the manners books. We really like them over here!

Metanoia said...

Thanks for sharing. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.By the way love the name of your sweet butterfly girl. Hubby and I were just discussing the name Lily the other day if our baby is a girl.

Stef said...

Your beauty and perfection shine through in every post. Thank you for being you. Congratulations on your hay sales!! And happy jamming!! I think I'm going to be making peach jam this weekend, too!

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Love it!! :)


This is really what I am focusing on these days...being more content and not desiring all those perfect (are they really perfect after all) things I see out there.

Thank you for this post. Really inspiring.


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