Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Packaging Idea

We have some sweet friends that invited us over today for tea and I just love to package up a few goodies to share.

I love to share gifts, but it can be challenging on a budget sometimes.
I believe God has given each of us talents and that is what we need to share!
I am not gifted in many areas, but I do love to bake!
I also like to find things that "keep on giving."

Our friends have goats, so I thought that a galvanized tub would work perfect to package  everything up.
It might come in handy on the farm.

Don't you love to think outside the box when it comes to wrapping?

I actually ran out of ribbon! Whoops! So, I used fabric strips to encircle the bucket and added holly as an accent.
I purchased the cellophane bags long ago and still have a good supply.

Lily was invited to tea in the play house with her doll by Millie, her darling friend.
We included paper dolls for her in our gift.

All of my gifts were handmade...

Spiced Plum Butter
Cinnamon Anise Jelly
Handmade Recipe Cards
Chocolate Snowmen made by the kids
Gooey Popcorn
Nutmeg Cookies
Saltine Caramel Brittle

Lily was asked to bring a present for her dolly to share at tea. 
We really were stumped, then thought a charming little doll's stocking would be wonderful.
She helped me put it together from fabric scraps and an old lace table runner.  

Lily really wanted to show all of you...

Too sweet. 
I hope the dolly loves it!

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Holiday!




Anonymous said...

Ju! Adorable! The Andersons are going to LOVE it! You are so creative!

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

Wow, what lucky friends you have! That would be such and amazing gift to receive. Waaaay better than anything store bought, in my opinion. Lily's stocking is adorable too. You are such a good mom to be sharing your talents with her. She did an amazing job!

Lunsford Family said...

Jules, I love your creativity! Amazingly sweet. It reminds me of the sweet shower gift you sent me. Love it all!

beth said...

you have a "gift" for wrapping and making things look extra lovely! I think that little stocking is my favorite of all the ones I've seen in blogland this year!! Cute. cute.

Jamie said...

Wow! These are wonderful! What a lovely way to package everything up. You have a wonderful gift of creativity. I especially love the dolly stocking.

Cheyenne said...

You tell Lily that dolly stocking is something to be proud of! It's absolutely beautiful!

So is your packaging-that gift would be such a treat to get!

Merry Christmas to your precious family!

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