Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth of July Dress

Every year, I make Lily a new Fourth of July dress and buy the boys matching shirts.
This year, she is lucky enough to have two to choose from.

There is something about the Fourth that is just delightful and festive.
I think it is one of my favorite days of the year! 

The dress is made from McCalls Easy pattern #M5370.
Is is REALLY easy to make:).
You only need VERY basic sewing skills.

I changed things up just a bit and added rick rack stripes to both dresses.
The top was a little loose, so we added a fun button closure to the back.

She looks so patriotic and ready for a day of hot dogs and fire crackers.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Sewing Projects

I love to sew. Period. 
I love to give. Period.

For a couple of years now, I have been making Lily these frilly capris and shorts.
The design is something I came up with after seeing similar varieties at high prices. 
They are vintage, pretty, and favorite combination.

I used a little shorts pattern and lengthened it. 

Then  added the ruffles.

Adding rufflies is quite easy...

*determine the desired length of the ruffle {I like about 3 inches}
*cut the length 1 1/2 to 2 times the circumference of the bottom of the capri leg hole opening
*hem bottom raw edge
*gather and pin to leg hole opening
*sew ends together
*stitch to capri legs
*Whalaa! Rufflie fun:)!

Because it warms my heart to give and  I just think some sweet girl would really enjoy a pair of these capris... I am giving away ONE  to a lucky reader.

Here is what you have to choose from... in honor of the Fourth of July:

RED ruffle capris in a cotton, vintage design.
Size: 2T, 3T, or 4T

A pair in WHITE with lavender polka dots and lovely rick rack trim.
Size: 2T

Or BLUE cotton capris in a delightful dot pattern.
Size: 3T

To Enter:

*Leave a comment and specify which capri and size you would love to win.

*If you are sweet enough to mention this give away on your blog, and you let me know, you are entered twice!!

Winner will be randomly chosen on July 4th.
Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.
Winners announced shortly:).

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Giveaway at Windy Ridge

Oh dear, I think I am in love with these little jeans.


You can enter to win them today at The Chronicles of Windy Ridge. 

Aren't they scrumptious?

PS: Ara Lu, if you are reading this...Evie NEEDS these. If I win, I am sending them right over:).  


Monday, June 21, 2010

Blueberry Muffins

To celebrate the beginning of Summer, we baked a batch of blueberry muffins.
These are my absolute favorite and taste divine. 
The cake texture is firm and moist, not too sweet, and the blueberries are the perfect addition. 
You could also use strawberries or raspberries.
I love bringing a dozen or so when we see friends.
The original recipe is from Martha... with the addition of my culinary expertise...haha:).

Farm Fresh Blueberry Muffins 

1 stick {1/2 c.} butter, room temperature
 2 c. all purpose flour
 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder 
1/2 tsp. salt 
1 tsp. cinnamon
 2 c. fresh blueberries, raspberries, or diced strawberries
 1 c. sugar
 2 large eggs
 2 tsp. vanilla
 1/2 c. milk 

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Insert cupcake liners into a standard muffin tin. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Working over the bowl, toss blueberries in a fine sieve with about 2 tsp. of the flour mixture to coat. Set aside flour mix and blueberries {separately}.

 Beat butter and sugar on medium-high speed until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating until combined. Add the vanilla. Mix in reserved flour mixture, beating until just combined. Add the milk and beat again until just combined. Don't over mix!

 Using a rubber spatula, fold in blueberries. Divide batter evenly among cups. Bake {about 30 min.}, rotating halfway through, until the muffins are golden brown and a fork comes out clean from the center. Cool 10 minutes. Take muffins out to cool further.

  Serve warm with butter or cool and fresh on a hot summer day.


And here is another refreshing thought.  I read this the other day. 

God’s trusting child may say in times of trouble:
FIRST: He brought me here; it is by His will I am in this strait place: in that will I rest.
NEXT: He will keep me here in His love, and give me grace in this trial to behave as His child.
THEN: He will make the trial a blessing, 
teaching me the lessons He intends me to learn, and working in me the grace He means to bestow.
LAST: In His good time He can bring me out again—how and when He knows.
Say: I am here—
(1) By God’s appointment.
(2) In His keeping.
(3) Under His training.
(4) For His time.
Andrew Murray (1828-1917)
And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you; and you shall glorify me.
Psalm 50:15 (ESV)
“Little daily worries are heaven-sent messengers to help you on the way home. 
What would you think of a sailor complaining of the wind that bears him homeward? 
A day spent among these worries is a day in God’s school. 
One might say that the way to make the best of them is to make the least of them.”
Andrew Bonar (1810-1892)
Heavenly Springs, 38 

I have these devotions sent to me. They are so encouraging and remind me daily to be content...that God has a bigger plan. 
You can read more HERE. 
Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day weekend! 


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Thursday, June 17, 2010


     I was getting ready for bed around 10pm last night. Winding down, putting my pajamas on. Just thinking how smooth this is all going. Dad's asleep, the kids are all in bed. It is positively peaceful. Then the door cracks open and I hear Sis screaming in her loudest whisper, "We know who got the chicken!!!" {We lost a chick a couple of weeks ago}. "It's a skunk! He is over there right now." The boys chime in, "Don't worry, Mom, we're going out to get him." I'm dressing, and all I can think is that I don't have enough tomato juice for all three of them. I quickly finished and sure enough, it is Tim, my excruciatingly exuberant boy out looking for the skunk. I stopped him, because, well...there is good reason to not hunt skunks in the dark:). Welcome to blissful farm life.  

     Darren and I have always looked for those special gifts that God has bestowed upon our children. We really try and give them opportunities to develop their gifts and talents. They are all so precious to us.

     When Tim was 7 1/2, he decided that he wanted to be a cattleman. When he was 8, he struck a deal with our neighbor to work for her. In exchange, he wanted a breeding to her bull. She mentioned that he didn't have any cows yet. He replied that he would...soon. We also traded pasture for a little steer and Tim raised him by himself. He worked for Dad to help pay for the feed. In the Fall, he sold the meat and helped deliver it. He irrigated, helped farm, and did extra chores to earn money. At night, he read every book he could on raising cattle in a productive way. He also researched different breeds.

This Spring, he searched newspapers, the internet, and craigslist and bought these lovely ladies...


 Nellie...her little heifer.

They are registered Red Angus.
Most people in our area raise Black Angus, so Tim decided that he wanted something a little different.

He spends a lot of time out there with his cows.
Bessie is due in the Fall, so he is getting ready for "calving season:)"

We love to watch him grow into the person God wants him to be.

PS: This is what Bessie thinks about being photographed...


Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Sewing

It is that time of the year...I get the urge to do some summer sewing.
I make a lot of Lily's clothing, and just a few things for the boys.

So, I have been perusing through catalogs for ideas.
It is one of my favorite past times to stir up creativity:).

Do you know about Olive Juice ?
My sister brought over a catalog a couple of years ago and I have since admired their darling vintage line of clothing for children.

I usually am just a catalog browser.
They have wonderful ideas.

Just look at this..

Makes me wish I had a tiny one:).


These are precious.

You should pay them a visit if you like simple vintage style. 

I also found some darling patterns for free.

Multiple fabric version

Oliver and S {one of my favorites} has this ruffled halter dress pattern for free here.
Isn't it the sweetest?

And this dress..oh, I have to make it.

The Popover Dress makes my heart go pitter- patter.

The Lazy Days Skirt ...soooo perfect.

I have this pattern and just love it. 
You can purchase it here.

I am planning on making the little shirt with some beautiful Shabby Chic sheets I found at a yard sale.
They are a wonderful cotton and have a petite pink rose pattern. 
We love pink:).

These shorts are to die for.

Can you tell I am just slightly smitten with Burda patterns?

Kwik Sew #3768

This swing top is too easy to make.

I'm having a hard time choosing which project to start on first. Hmmm...

Need more inspiration?

Check out these places for more ideas...

Ottobre Design browse through the magazine

Ottobre Design the website with free patterns

A sweet peasant blouse at Indietutes.

Sew Sensible... her patterns are delicious.

Hannah Kate  has a beautiful line of nostalgic clothing with cute little boy things, too.

Pears and Bears...her line is dreamy.

Garnet Hill has cute colorful design.

Blessed Be the Name clothing is so sweet.

Eden's Bouquet are just going to faint when you see her clothing.

Happy sewing!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Pink Party

I can hardly believe that our sweet girl turned 7 this week. 
She is the most precious little person: kind, funny, energetic, and completely motherly. 
She and her little brother share a room. 
Every morning she has to dress him, asks him what he would like for breakfast, makes his bed...she is even doing some potty training:). 
To say the least, she is a huge helper.
She has a beautiful giving spirit and I am so proud of her.
Yesterday, we celebrated with cousins, friends and Grandma.
 Because she is the only girl, Sis decided she wanted pink.

We don't tend to have "friend" parties each year, so it is extra special when we do.

Pink accents were everywhere. 

Pink pom poms.
Pink party favors.

Pink strawberry cupcakes.
Pink table lemonade:).

Rice crispy treat sandwiches with strawberry ice cream. 
They were quite popular.

Chair bows with pink tulle. 

The girls made little flowers to attach to head bands.
I had fabric circles pre-cut for them to choose from.
They layered a few, then we secured them in the center with needle and thread.

Next, the girls chose a button for the center.
I hot glued the button on, then attached it to the head band.

The weather was warm and windy.
Daisy sat on the back porch with us.

She loves the wind in her ears.
Silly pup.

And because she is a farm girl and surrounded by brothers...we had to play football...with Grandma, aka "Nannie," of course.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday Night Movie Night

We have had a long standing tradition at our house that Friday night is MOVIE NIGHT. Usually, we snuggle up after dinner and get ready for ice cream, floats, fruit and cheeses, or popcorn. The kids really look forward to this every week. It is a great way to spend time together and I love that they have these little memories to take with them as they get older.

Keep Home Simple had a totally fun idea to make movie nights even more exciting. 

Popcorn funnels. Click HERE for a complete tutorial.
Wouldn't these be fun for other celebrations...birthdays, 4th of July, or Autumn get togethers?


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marmalade Jar Toothbrush Containers

     I think my kids have toothbrush collectaphobia. I finally cleared out their little containers the other day, and each of them had 5 or more.  I don't even know where they all came from.

     It is so important when you have multiple people sharing one small bathroom to keep toothbrushes separate. It has helped tremendously to cut down on the spread of germs. I wanted a way to keep it easy and fun for my kids to put them away properly, so I came up with this...

My Mom actually found these recycled marmalade jars at a yard sale.

To make the chalk board paint label, just cut out the desired shape on a piece of paper.

Use cellophane tape to attach. I used mine as a template and just painted with a small brush, using the edges as an outline.

You could use tape and carefully {and evenly} attach to the inside of the template. Then paint or spray paint as smoothly as possible over the entire label. Remove when it is totally dry.

Using chalk, label each jar. I like numbers.

There are many different types of jars you could use. Your local thrift store is a good resource. I spotted a few jam/jelly jars in at the local grocery store that looked great. Just purchase that particular brand and save the jars after you are finished with your treats. 


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