Saturday, March 19, 2011

Printed Dish Cloths

I found these wonderful flour sack dish cloths for 50% off of the clearance price and couldn't resist.
I've had an idea rolling around for a while in my head.
I thought they would make perfect Easter gifts for family and friends with a little sprucing up!

You could also use a plain cotton dish towel and it would work wonderfully.
You will need:
cotton dish cloths {mine are 32"x38"" flour sacks}

iron transfer paper
ink jet printer
a hard surface to iron on

To make, just follow the directions on the iron transfer paper package and print your image.
Remember to print in mirror image. Most printers have this option.
Cut out the picture so that you can use leftover transfer paper.
Also, make sure you wash and dry your dish cloths first. You want them pre-shrunk.

Here are a few images that I used...

These are all free on the web.

Next, iron your towel out and place the image where you would like.

Press, making sure you are following the package directions.

Let it cool and peel off the backing.

You have an easy, beautiful, and useful gift to give.

Happy Spring!!


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Stef said...

These are lovely, Julia. I love the prints you chose. I have never been successful with the iron-on transfer paper. Yours turned out so perfectly, I guess it's just me!!

Leslie said...

i love this...and i love birds....what a great gift for your friends and family

Julia said...

Hi Stef!

You know, I think the trick is to really make sure you leave the iron on the transfer for at least 20 seconds in each area. I did that and then went over it again for another 10 seconds. My paper actually looked a little bubbly, but I think it was just melting that image on:). I hope that helps!


PS: I sure LOVE your sewing projects! They are just beautiful!!

Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

These are darling! I might have to make some...thanks for sharing your wonderful images :)

Lynn @whispersfromwildwood said...

So gorgeous! I've got to make some of these :)

Keep Home Simple said...

These are SO stink'in cute! What a great idea!

Hannah Stevenson said...

Beautiful as usual! Love the illustrations and you can never have too many flour sac clothes!

Sandy said...

Hi Julia,
I love this project.
I too have tried doing this before (a couple of years ago). After several washings (on cold) it started to crackle... (so I was dissapointed).
Has that ever happened to you? What is your tip on it? And what brand iron on did you use?

Julia said...

Hi Sandy,

I think inevitably that they do crack a bit over time. {It just gives it a little patina..haha}. I just tell people to wash on cold and hang dry. Also, you shouldn't iron over the top of the transfer after it is applied. I used Jolee's Easy Image transfer sheets and bought them at a local Michael's Craft Store.

Hope that helps!


Anne Marie said...

Julia - you are so creative - and I really mean that - I seriously do not understand why you don't have over 2,000 followers - your projects are always so well put together.

Anne Marie
(p.s. thanks for the images btw...I might just use a few for the kids' Easter baskets- wouldn't they make the cutest cupcake picks??)

Anne Marie said...

by the way....a friend of mine transfers pictures without the use of paper - but an all natural solution called "citrasolve" and it turns out really cool

. said...

What a wonderful gift!! And so simple! I've never used transfer paper, I'll have to remember this to try. :)

Sandy said...

Hi Julia,
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.
Mine actually already crackled after just a couple of washings. It does give it that "old" look (that I like) but, I was wondering how to prevent that since many people don't care for that "beautiful" look. I think it is the brand I used. I used the Avery brand. I will give the Jolee's a try some day.
Have wonderful Monday!

Sandy said...

By the way on a different note...
I just wanted to let you know how inspired I have been with your blog.
Friday and Saturday I actually took the time to check out your older posts. The sewing - the ruffled pants (I sew the same style for my girly girls). The bedrooms, your farm.
I actually just LOVE your blog.
So refreshing and loving and inspiring.
It gave me a happy feeling.
And I thank you for that! I am hooked.

Julia said...

Hi are so sweet:). Thanks for the compliment:).


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Julia, this is great idea! Love it! I have been printing out words on transfer paper for a sign and this is right up my alley! Beautiful images and such a lovely idea as a gift for whoever hosts Easter in my family this year. I'll definitely give this a go. So glad to find your blog, recommended to me by my friend Sandy from Sew It or Bead It (oh there she is above me!) I am enjoying reading through your older posts. Have a great day, Lisa

Shannon said...

I absolutely love this! You are so creative. Thank you for sharing this idea. It makes a truly unique and special gift. I am going to try my hand at some of these. Fun!

Cheyenne said...

These are absolutely lovely. Next time I'm in the city I'm going to be on the hunt for those dish towels---where did you get the flour sack kind? I haven't seen anything like that, in good ol plain white, for years.

It's time we have some springy happiness around this home...I'm determined! :)

Sew Can Do said...

This is just gorgeous! I've featured you today at Craftastic Monday. Stop by & grab a Featured On button when you can & can't wait to see what you link up next:)

Panamamama said...

So gorgeous! I'm going to make these for Easter for my mom and mom in law! Thanks!

Unknown said...

These are so adorable! Thanks for stopping by my site today! :)

I, Myself and Me said...

I have been searching for ideas for my 85 year old mother (Who has everything...) for a birthday present, and this is exactly what i am going to make. I decided to take a photograph of my brother and sisters and add it on material. I am sure she is oging to love it. Will upload the finished product. Lucia (South Africa)

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