Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tin Can Love

Happy Summer to all of you!
I have been so busy getting ready for an upcoming sale.
I will be at Bill's Berry Farm in Grandview, Washington for their Blueberry Daze Festival.
Our booth will have a variety of things....one of them being these sweet tin cans!
I thought I would show you how to make them.
 If you are not into that sort of thing....come to our booth and buy a few:)!

I saved various sized cans and washed them out with soap and water.
Then I used paint thinner to remove the glue backing from the paper label.
Make sure to wash the outside of the can again with soap and water before spray painting.

Put a sheet of newspaper down and turn your can so the bottom side is facing up.
Give it at least two coats.

You will want to remove it as soon as it is slightly dry. You could also try laying the cans on wax paper to help them not "stick" as they dry.

Next, paint the inside of the can...it really gives it a finished look:).

There are endless uses for these cans!

Best of all, you are using what you already have and creating something useful and charming.
It is a great Summer project!

Have a lovely day today!


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christan perona said...

These are amazing, Julia! I love these! Thanks for sharing.

Stephani said...

gonna be buying me some spray paint this weekend! lovely idea!

Unknown said...

Amazing what a little paint can do, no? These look wonderful! I'm partial to the red ones. They look great w/ flags in them.

Alexis said...

Love these, great idea. I can't wait to try it.

Cailan said...

So clever, lady! This is such a sweet idea - definitely going to start saving my cans. And hope to hear more about your sale!

Sandy said...

Oh what a cool idea! I love it! Especially the light blue and the barn red ones!
I always used them for my sewing notions. But, I like this new take on 'm too.
Thanks Julia for sharing this!

Betherann said...

Ooh love it! I'm going to have to try this.

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