Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This time of year, we are so busy that I don't even know what day it is.
Last Thursday, I went about thinking it was Monday. 
Oh boy...
We have a few weeks of rising at 4am and hitting the pillow at 10pm...or later... totally exhausted, but comforted in the feeling that we are making progress. 
I bake and I cook trying to keep Darren full of good things to keep his stamina up.
Most days, I can't even accomplish a quarter of what is on my list.
All for this...

Darren swathes, and fluffs, and bales and we pray for no rain.
God has been so good this year...our weather has been hot and breezy.
Perfect for haying.

The boys have been baling this year and like to look at their work.
Giving your little brother a piggy back makes his view a little better:).

I go to bed long after Darren, open my window wide, and drift off to sleep with the sweet grass aroma lingering on a warm breeze. 



A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...


What beautiful fields of hay and lovely pictures of the *fruit* of your labors, and what a beautiful family you have:)

Thank you SO much for your prayers for our family.



Carissa Anne said...

What large beautiful fields of hay. So Peaceful.

Our hayfield next door has not been cut yet due to bursts of rain here and there. I suspect any day now though.

I know what you mean... the scent is heavenly.
Love all the pictures.

Hope you will be able to catch up on some rest soon.

Cailan said...

Wow. It's beautiful, Julia. I'm so glad that the weather has been good. I would love to be your shadow through one of these long days and see and help with all of the sweet farm-day things that keep you busy.

Anonymous said...

A blissfully content life...

Your photos speak for themselves and your children are beautiful.


Debby said...

Growing up in the country, I know how much work this is. But so nice to live in the country and raise your children. Hope you get some rest soon.

Leslie said...

these pictures are beautiful!!! sounds exhausting but looks so lovely

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