Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Newest Farm Additions

Daisy, our Golden Retriever, had 10 beautiful puppies!

Everything went so well and she is the perfect Mom.
We were lucky to be able to watch 8 of them being born.
The kids were really was my Dad:).

They are cute as a button and not one of them is golden like Daisy.

This guy is a total pro.
 He can nurse on his back.
No problemo.

The sire is "Hank the Cow Dog" as we affectionately call him.
He is a darling Border Collie from a neighboring ranch.
He's a sneaky one....
but a wonderful working dog who lives with a neat family who love him:).
These puppies are bonafide farm pups and are going to the best family dogs:).

I am so grateful to my friend Monica for helping me to make sure everything was done just right.
 She raises the most amazing dogs and is so knowledgeable!
We are excited to be able to raise a litter of pups to be wonderful and loving family dogs.


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