Monday, December 12, 2011

Foggy Christmas Days

We have been so looking forward to a good dose of snow, but so far we have been enamored with white fluffy fog.
The whole valley has been socked in, but today it is supposed to lift a bit and give us sunshine!
I love how the fog touches everything in its path and makes the ordinary...extraordinary.
Everything is covered in white....and almost in a much prettier way than a thick cover of snow...and it is so quiet.

I layered our front porch railing in greens and rose twigs. The rose hips add a touch of red. 
Just look at the frosty display.

Our garden is decorated with garlands.

Gertie is looking oh so sweet and festive in her chicken wire skirt.
It looks soft and just like lace in the frozen fog.

I decorated so simple this year and made these little wreaths and the JOY banner.

To hang them in the windows, I tore strips of linen.
I think I will use linen strips on packages, too.

The kids have been playing outside...even in the thick cover of fog.
Tim took Clover out for a cold ride.

The days are short and darkness comes soon, so we cozy around the table and play lots of games.

Our tree is decorated {mostly by the kids} with torn linen garlands, little silver frames with family pictures {frames from the Dollar Store}, LOTS of plastic ornaments, and scripture verses on manila tags.

Jack loves to poke his smiley face when I am snapping photos!
Isn't he sweet?
I keep Christmas books to read {at any moment} in the tray and Christmas cards in the wire basket.
The kids love going through all of the lovely notes.

This season is so full of blessings!
Things don't need to be perfect or extravagant to find them:).
I hope and pray you are enjoying this year more than ever!



Amanda said...

its simple.
and sweet.

nostalgic and timeless.

I love it all. last year we sent all store bought decorations to the goodwill.
no room for them.
and for the past two years we are handmade here:)
it takes more time, but its time well spent.

thanks for sharing corners of your home.

Unknown said...

The fog-frost is so beautiful! I don't ever remember having that happen here... for us it is either rain, freezing rain or plain 'ol snow! I enjoy them all though. We decided to use manilla tags as decorations on our Christmas tree this year as well! The children have had so much fun decorating them! Simple and pretty! Love it!

Stef said...

Your pictures are so enchanting, Julia. Love, love, love. You are so talented bringing out the beauty in simple decorating. I'm envious, as always.


~ko said...

What a wonderful post! Such simple beauty. You left my heart so refreshed!

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

I have been loving the look of the frost covered trees and bushes everywhere too. Everything is so white and beautiful! You captured it beautifully!

Gumbo Lily said...

Today we had heavy frost and gray fog all day. I took a walk this afternoon and admired what frost can do to enhance the beauty all around. Gertie's skirt is so pretty!

Loving all of your evergreen decorations. Smells so good.

Happy Christmastime.

Anne Marie said...

that is so true...the mosr rustic things are where true beauty are

( I wish were neighbors)

christan perona said...

I love your photos of the fog... you're so talented! And your manila tag ornaments with Scripture on them - I'll have to try those this year. Thanks for sharing.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...'s all so pretty. I love your frosty garlands. Isn't it kindness of the Lord to lend his hand of {GOOD} decorating once in he does.

White picket fences always do my heart good. Love all your linen strips idea. ;)

Christmas Blessings to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I just found your beautiful blog via Gumbo Lily. Oh, I'm so glad that I did! xxx

Christi said...

You may not have snow yet, but it all looks beautiful and wintery white! I love the garland on your garden. And your Christmas tree is lovely! I love seeing photos of your place. --- Wish you lived down the road, and we could visit over a cup of coffee. :)

Have a great week, Julia!


Sew Surprising said...

Your photos certainly catch the moment so beautifully.Im so envious and wishing we had snow to enjoy.

CW said...

The freezing fog has been goregous... I almost like it better than snow other than my children are missing snow. Yahweh certainly knows how to give us beauty.

Shannon said...

The frost is stunning...and I love all your decorations. Very pretty and homey :o)

Have a cozy and Merry Christmas!


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