Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simply Christmas

I just HAD to share this book with you, written by my friend Anne-Marie and her husband Jason.
Oh my...I think it is the perfect little holiday surprise gift for someone you know!
Anne-Marie is so creative and anything she touches looks like something out of a magazine!
She is simple...yet elegant and her farmhouse is so lovely.
This e-book is no exception!

I loved it and devoured every page over a cup of tea!
There are Christmas decorating ideas, recipes, and crafts.
She also gives you a glimpse of how they celebrate Christmas on the farm. 
The best part is that it is only $2.99!
Click on the picture to enjoy the here to visit their shop filled with other beautiful handmade items:). They are having a huge sale!

Have a great day filled with warm surprises!



Gumbo Lily said...

I haven't been to Na-Da Farms in quiet some time. I'm glad you mentioned Anne Marie. She does have a way of making everything look farmhouse-perfect! (so do you!)


P.S. The "here" link does not take me to the shop.

Julia said...

Hi Jody! Thanks for letting me know....I fixed the "HERE" link to Anne-Marie's shop!


Julia said...
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