Monday, June 27, 2011

Fourth of July Ideas....

The Fourth is just around the corner.

It happens to be one of my favorite times of the year!
 The whole day just makes me happy from sparklers at night... red, white, and blue popping everywhere, and just the low-key, down home fun we have throughout the day.
Darren is usually busy baling hay, so we just stick around here to help and watch the fireworks from our back porch all over the valley at night.
During the day, I usually have some fun things planned from an all you can eat hot dog buffet to fun little crafts for the kids.
And of course a few fireworks!

Here are some of my favorite ideas...courtesy of newest love.


Don't these look fun to make?

I always make a flag cake, but I think the kids might like this idea even more!



I thought these ice cream sprinkle sandwiches looked so simple and delicious.


And this...WOW is all I can say about that one.
Good- bye diet:).

If you would like to view my Pinterest ideas you can click HERE.
It is so fun!

I hope you all have the best day:).


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tin Can Love

Happy Summer to all of you!
I have been so busy getting ready for an upcoming sale.
I will be at Bill's Berry Farm in Grandview, Washington for their Blueberry Daze Festival.
Our booth will have a variety of of them being these sweet tin cans!
I thought I would show you how to make them.
 If you are not into that sort of thing....come to our booth and buy a few:)!

I saved various sized cans and washed them out with soap and water.
Then I used paint thinner to remove the glue backing from the paper label.
Make sure to wash the outside of the can again with soap and water before spray painting.

Put a sheet of newspaper down and turn your can so the bottom side is facing up.
Give it at least two coats.

You will want to remove it as soon as it is slightly dry. You could also try laying the cans on wax paper to help them not "stick" as they dry.

Next, paint the inside of the really gives it a finished look:).

There are endless uses for these cans!

Best of all, you are using what you already have and creating something useful and charming.
It is a great Summer project!

Have a lovely day today!


Linked to Just a Girl.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Summer Porch

Boy, are we excited around here!
The kids finished their last day of school with great science reports and now we are officially into summer vacation. 
I do still keep them reading everyday and writing book reports once in a while.
 We also do a few math pages each week. 
I think it really keeps their minds fresh and we are not so rusty when September rolls around:). 
I love this time of year and have been drinking in all of the delights....

the lovely wafting smells of lilacs floating on the warm breeze
my kids running, playing, OK...riding loud dirt bikes...but having fun!
my garden actually growing....finally
watching the kids ride their horses
warm weather perfect for skirts and short sleeve shirts
slip and style... made from a roll of clear plastic
relaxing on the front porch with Darren and the kids with a glass of sweet tea
{click here for the perfect sweet tea recipe}

Do you have a front porch?
I know some of you may not, but why not make a cozy spot in the yard to sit and relax?
It could be out your back door, near a garden, or under a tree. 
The invitation to sit and talk, relax, spend time just connecting is priceless.

OK, I am going to be brave and show you our front porch.
It is nothing spectacular, but I am grateful for it!

The chairs were a yard sale find and I just painted them white.
My sister found the little wicker table for me, and Tim and I spray painted it yesterday.

I made the bench years ago.
It came out of our bedroom.

Moving furniture around is about the cheapest way to change the look of a room.

The fan was another yard sale find and is perfect for the porch.

The jar was my Great Grandmother's...don't lilac's just pop in blue Ball jars?

Oh my, you just have to try Alyssum. 
Their fragrance is intoxicating and they last all summer long.

I hope you find a place to make your personal spot to relax this summer and truly enjoy those around you!

ENJOY your day....make it a happy one!!


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