Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anderson Family Farm

We are really blessed to have some wonderful neighbors who live just down the road from us.

The Andersons are a family that works hard together, praise God for their blessings, and reach out generously to their neighbors. 
Their home is just plain fun to visit, too:). 
We always love seeing their darling Kinder goats...especially all the new sweet babies! 

They have had goats for 14 years and have not only enjoyed their delicious milk, but have made creamy soaps, a variety of cheeses, and other products for their family.

The Andersons recently opened a new online store selling the most amazing goat's milk bath and body products.  
I have had the privilege of using all of their products and I am sooo impressed!
My skin feels the BEST it ever has! Usually, I have cracks and very dry skin.
 I just can't believe what a difference using their line of lotions, butters, and salt scrubs have made in my skin!
Here is a preview of some of the wonderful things you will find on their site...

Beautifully crafted goat milk soaps.
Kimberlee has combined the most decadent and nourishing oils with goat's milk to provide a rich and very creamy bar. It lasts forever, too....which is a great thing here at our house!

Oooh, my skin feels so hydrated with the goat milk butters. I have been using it at night, and I wake up to baby soft skin.

The salt scrubs are like giving yourself a mini spa treatment.
 I have been using it on my hands after working in the garden....and oh my...does it feel fantastic!!
 My hands feel moist and hydrated without a sticky or oily residue.
Just soft and supple.
I have also used it on my feet.
I am diabetic and have been using a prescription cream for small calcium bumps that were developing.
I now no longer need it because the salt scrub has so many healing properties!

I could go on and on about the impeccable fresh qualities of Anderson Family Farm products, but I will let you take a peek at a few more products:).

Yes, they even have DVD's on cheese making and were finalists HERE last year!
Restoring the Domestic Arts: Cheese Making 1

In their Eclectic Extras line you will find darling baby burp cloths...
Burp Cloths for Your Baby Boy Blessing

Goat Milk Whitewash - Click Image to Close

You can visit Anderson Family Farm HERE.
You can also see what they are up to on the farm on their blog Goat's for God's Glory

Grace Anderson just posted this delicious recipe...

I know their blog will fast become one of your favorites:).

Hope you have a lovely day!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Peace in the Rush

“….all our busy rushing ends in nothing” ~Psalm 39:6

I am learning to find peace in the midst of the rush.
To not feel so harried and pushed.
Believe me, there is a big learning curve with this one!
I am constantly trying to make it a habit.

It's hard when life is so busy and tangled with things that must be done here and there.
To slow down your mind when the lists are so long...

Does your load sometimes feel a little heavier than it should?
That is when my heart feel heaviest.
That is when I stop.
I pray and give it to God and fill my heart with peace.

Because this life is whirling around no matter what I do.
No matter, things must be done and the ebb and flow of the day rolls on.
It is going so fast and the only way to put on the brakes is to invite peace into your heart.
And enjoy what has been given to you.

Enjoy the small things.
Enjoy cousins and friends so close they feel like cousins:).

Time spent together just "being."

Strengthening the bond between us through small moments.
That is my goal...and to do it with a content heart.

Things are winding down a little for us...
"The lazy days of Summer" don't apply to farmers:).

Work is good...and work as a family is good.
I am learning more through this life to appreciate that we have the health, land, and opportunity to work hard.
Maybe, though, to not let our busyness deprive us of the moments that make memories... because the work all gets accomplished somehow.
To just be thankful, peaceful, slow my mind down... and yet able to get as much done as possible in the rush of life. 
And then enjoy the down time:). 


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pattern Paper Poms

I know that many of you have seen these poms that Martha made famous. 
I have made so many and I just love to use them to decorate for birthdays and other fun events! 
I have blue poms, white, and pink poms that you may remember from Lily's party last year.
But, why not use old patterns?
It is a great way to recycle what you already have and the tissue paper is perfect!

They are so fun!
Here is how to make them {just in case you haven't tried this before}.

You need:

old pattern
2 ft. small ribbon or string

I cut 8 pieces of pattern paper 12"x 20" for a 12 inch round pom.
You need at least 8 sheets to make a full pom.

Next, fold accordion style along the 12 inch side of your paper.
Pretend you are making a fan:).

Round out the edges.

Then find the middle by folding in half.

Tie your string securely around the middle and then start fluffing the layers out toward the center. Try and get each sheet of tissue separated...if you rip or tear, don't worry, it only adds to the "look."

Ta Daaa....your pattern paper pom {say that 10 times really fast}  is finished!

The best part is that you can re-use them!
I store mine in a Rubbermaid tote and have quite a selection to use for decoration.
Simply find the middle of the pom and press down.

Flatten it out.

It is that easy!
When you are ready to use them again, just fluff them out like before.
They look just like new!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This time of year, we are so busy that I don't even know what day it is.
Last Thursday, I went about thinking it was Monday. 
Oh boy...
We have a few weeks of rising at 4am and hitting the pillow at 10pm...or later... totally exhausted, but comforted in the feeling that we are making progress. 
I bake and I cook trying to keep Darren full of good things to keep his stamina up.
Most days, I can't even accomplish a quarter of what is on my list.
All for this...

Darren swathes, and fluffs, and bales and we pray for no rain.
God has been so good this year...our weather has been hot and breezy.
Perfect for haying.

The boys have been baling this year and like to look at their work.
Giving your little brother a piggy back makes his view a little better:).

I go to bed long after Darren, open my window wide, and drift off to sleep with the sweet grass aroma lingering on a warm breeze. 


Monday, July 4, 2011

Bill's Berry Farm Sale

My Mom and I decided to have a booth at Bill's Berry Farm during their Blueberry Daze Festival this past weekend.
The Michener's are a wonderful family who have really created a family fun atmosphere and have delicious blueberries, cherries and other produce for sale throughout the year.

It was so fun and I thought I would share some "eye candy" with you!

Some pictures from our booth...

 My Mom made the beautiful flag window.

 There were so many talented people there....I loved looking through all of their treasures:).

 My kids just loved this little train pulled by a four-wheeler.

My neighbors were there, too, and they have just launched a new business selling amazing goat milk bath and body products.
 I can't wait to introduce you to Anderson Family Farm soon!

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful Fourth!!

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