Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Summer Wrap Up

Summer is closing fast and we are so looking forward to Fall.
I love it!
Autumn is so glorious and my favorite season of the year.
The crisp weather, warm sweaters, slowing down to enjoy nature studies and Fall walks in the woods.
My time has been so limited at the computer lately with the County Fair and all of our kids showing there, and then all of the busyness with planning and easing into school.
I don't mind being booked up for a while, but look forward to a slower pace afterwards.
We have been contemplating what activities are most important and necessary this year.
I know I go against the norm on this, but do kids really need to be involved in absolutely every opportunity presented to them?
I think being too busy creates a nervous and less creative child.
So we pick only activities that we feel better our kids and pray about what things are important to their development.
Having down time is good.
I always tell my kids that you can hear God in the quiet.
When life is loud and hurried, it is harder to listen. 

So here is a summer wrap up in pictures for you:).
Hope your new Fall beginnings are going well!
It feels like a fresh new start to me!
 The flowers in the field are still gorgeous.

A little Fall project I am working on...

 Lily showed Ruthie at the Fair and did so well!

 Will showing his pig.
He ended up with a Reserve Grand Champion and his pig was #2 at the auction...which fetched a great price.

The Fairgrounds created a small village with a historic school house {that used to be near where we live} and other historic homes from the valley.
It is just charming!

Here is the little store where kids can buy penny candy and huge 50 cent dill pickles.

Jack and his friends enjoyed the clown show which played next to the 4-H Dog Area about 5 times a day.
We spent 5 days at the Fair and I think they watched it 20 times without tiring.

 Buying MORE penny candy with the cousins:).

 Notice the speed....Jack was running to tell me he needed $1 for a root beer at the "saloon."

 Tim showed so well even though his pig was sooo loud!
He really wanted to go back to his pen and screamed and squealed.

 He loved the Fair.
 Goofy girls after a long day of herdsmanship.
 Having FUN!
 Tim showing his pig Billy.
Will talking with the judge during one of his classes.
 Fair rides are the best with friends!

 Lily and Tim participated in the Greased Pig Contest.
I love this one...
 Here are the piggies all greased up:).
 The kids get a little instruction on the rules...
 And then they are off!
 Lily ALMOST had the pig, but it slipped through her greasy hands.
 Instead, her friend caught the first one and brought it to the pen.
She cheered him all the way and was so excited when he won 1st place that she forgot to try and catch the remaining 2 piggies!

 This has been a summer of fires.
Don't worry...this was just a farmer burning his field next to us.
It totally improves the soil:).

 The kids and I got a little closer to was pretty exciting.

The boys have loved the weather to fly their RC planes. 
We've only had a few crashes:).

Hope you are enjoying your summer wrap up and the beautiful Fall weather that is making its appearance.



Michelle said...

I am so ready for fall. I love this time of year. Thanks for sharing the photos

Keep Home Simple said...

Beautiful summer photos. I'm a big believer in keeping my children's lives simpler too. At about school age they get to pursue one hobby (a sport, a dance class, music, or whatever) and that's it. It gives us more down time to spend as a family and makes us happier. I know when my children are teenagers, their lives may get more busy and hectic, but while they're young we're soaking up as much time with them as we can.

Jackie said...

I am in agreement with you about kids' activities. My kids are small now and we try to keep it fun and not super busy. I figure by the time they get into jr.hi. it's going to start getting crazy busy with sports and other activities. I'm one that hates to be running from one thing to another...I like our downtime! So you go, Mama!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Julia,

I am new to your blog.

What fun! You have such lovely children. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos.

I agree with you about children being too busy. Also, Autumn is my FAVORITE season as well.


Keeping It Cozy said...

Love your photos, Julia! Your fairgrounds are just adorable... this takes me back to my younger days when we prepared for fair time with our animals! It was always an exciting time of the year. Oh, and I just love your thoughts at the beginning of your post... that is exactly how I feel. Happy (almost) fall, my friend!

Karen said...

Hi! I found your blog...can't remember how...I think I was googling something and I thought I'd check it out. Love it so far. Thanks for reminding me to keep it simple. :)

Lisa said...

Now that's a fair! Wow looks like so much fun...

I so know what you mean about not feeling God when we are busy and hurried. It's not that He isn't there, but it's like there is static in OUR lines of communication. It makes it hard to hear Him.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

What a fabulous post. Love the fair... and your kids faces. So proud. So "in the moment" and so totally true-blue farmers.

It doesn't get any better then this.

Cheyenne said...

I think the photo's of Lillie showing her pup are so darned cute. Frame worthy. I love that dress too-where did you get it?

I love all your photos and everything it encompasses.

Was interesting to hear you say about choosing activities for your children that you deem most important-not just tossing them into everything. I have read many posts on this very subject lately-I don't know if it's because people are choosing what they are going to enrol their children in this fall? It is refreshing, nonetheless.

Cheyenne said...

I meant Lily, so sorry! :)

Gumbo Lily said...

Great fair photos! They bring back memories. It still looks so very green where you live with all those meadow flowers growing! I'm really looking forward to cool and hopefully wet fall days.

Cheryl said...

Love the capture the greasy pig contest pics. Never seen anything like that before.

I have also always wondered what those things were on farmers fields. Your son is standing on it. Looks like some kind of irrigation thingie. Yeah, I know, it probably has some cool agricultural name, but I am clueless. (smile) Can you share what it is?

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