Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall in Pictures

The summer-flower has run to seed,
And yellow is the woodland bough;
And every leaf of bush and weed
Is tipt with autumn’s pencil now.

And I do love the varied hue,
And I do love the browning plain;
And I do love each scene to view,
That’s mark’d with beauties of her reign.
From "Autumn" by John Clare, 1821

Fall is here and the mornings have been in the 20's making the ice heavy around the wheel lines.

It is like God gives you mini glimpses of the months yet to come.
Little signs to get ready.
 A reminder that cold weather and snow are not far off.

So I am cleaning out the garden and piling pumpkins to welcome us home on the front porch.

We took a walk this morning...to see some of the Fall inching its way in around us...

 Some of the leaves are still green, but the dense hedges of wild rose bushes are giving way to bright red rose hips.

 The canal is high right now, but soon will be rather empty as most farmers are almost ready to turn off their irrigation.

 See the hazy smoke filled hills. We have a very unusual fire season this year and have been plagued by smoke. Today was actually OK...some days my kids have to wear masks outside.

 We like to observe parts of the canal because it is like a wildlife refuge...so many birds to identify.

 Snow Berry... another beautiful Fall sight.
More rose hips...I like to gather them and use them for Christmas decor.

 I love the sweet nutty aroma of changing leaves.

 Next year, I am planting more of this variety of Sedum. It lasts so long and has such lush foliage and blooms.

I am hoping to have one last meal outside at our farm table before the warm afternoons leave us.

Are you in love with Autumn too?



Carissa Anne said...

I am I love with Autumn too...

Julia, what a wonderful post to wake up to this morning!!!

The snowberry was so pretty, I have never seen it before. As was the ice, gorgeous, and i do agree the Autumn Joy Sedum is so lovely in the fall, I love how it is a pretty shade of blush and then slowly turns into it's deep rust-burgundy in the fall. makes for beautiful fall arrangements too, I could see a big vase of them sitting on your farm table. :-)

So nice to come visit, a breath of fresh air.

~ko said...

Gorgeous photos! I dont know if I've ever seen ice like that before. And the peeks of Fall are just so beautiful. Truly my favorite time of year :)

~ko said...

Gorgeous photos! I dont know if I've ever seen ice like that before. And the peeks of Fall are just so beautiful. Truly my favorite time of year :)

Carol Blanchet said...

Loved your photo-journal of fall! Makes me want to move to Ellensburg. :-)
I'll be at AFF Fall Festival, Lord willing...maybe we can finally meet.



Absolutely and totally yes! I am in love with Fall!

Your pics and the way you live are so beautiful Julia.

I can't believe you have frost already...you were almost dying with heat one month ago!
Such repentine changes there.

Have a blessed Autumn my dear.


Lisa said...

20's???? Brrrr. Autumn is beautiful and such a welcome relief from the heat of summer. I do not like the darker, shorter days, though. Yikes that can get depressing.

Debbie said...

Lovely photos and yes, I am in love with autumn too!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this post. Fall is my favorite season. I love the beauty, the smells, the sports, the tastes, the feels. Thank you for your sharing your beautiful farm with us. I get excited every time I see "Blissfully Content" in my inbox. :)

Anonymous said...


beautiful glimpses into your Monday. it finally cooled down here ... we took our first nature walk since we've lived in SC, and found a treasure of a garden that an elderly couple dreamed and built for the children of the community to connect with nature. it was impressive.

your homeplace is such a blessing. enjoy.


Nadine said...

Beautiful photographs!

I have been wondering about the fires, we live west of the mountains and have only seen a slight haze over here. Praying that they will all be put out soon.
Enjoy your day!


Keep Home Simple said...

I can't believe you guys are getting ice already in the mornings, that's crazy! Autumn is the best though. It's the season I look forward to all year long. Looks like you guys are enjoying it too!

Keeping It Cozy said...

Beautiful photos, Julia, as always! I never get tired of seeing your beautiful garden and farm table. One day I would love to have a garden like yours. The pumpkins on your porch are so pretty. Hope you have a great week!

Unknown said...

{sigh...} Such a dreamy post! Yes... love autumn and it always seems like the shortest season to me. Never long enough!

(I'd love to know that Sedum variety if you get a chance!)

Bonnie said...

Fall is my favorite season. I love your photos of the ice. I wish I could buy one of your farm tables and lived close enough to do so. They are wonderful.

Heather said...

Beautiful!!! I have to admit I am a little amazed! I'm in love with fall, but here in the FL panhandle our falls do not look similar. Needless to say, we haven't seen any ice. :)

Anonymous said...


This is the first time I've posted and I just wanted to say what a lovely blog you have. Do you know that Autumn Joy is easy to propogate? Just snip off a stalk and either put it in water and it will grow roots or stick it in the ground and it will grow just like that. I have given it to lots of friends this way. It is a very thrifty plant and you can have it all over you farm in no time! :O)

Enjoy your autumn. We are too!


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Oh absolutely in love with autumn.

I love your photos... as usual. I like the whiteness of them. (?)

That snowberry is so pretty. I don't think I've ever seen a real bush of them.

Love your pumpkins...nested there in those galvanized buckets.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous fall photos!
Thank you for sharing :)

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Lovely pictures! The autumn colours are beautiful :)

Gumbo Lily said...

Grasses and flowers crystallized! Beautiful fall glimpses. I've been picking rose hips. They're pretty to decorate with and nice to dry and use in winter herbal teas.

Thanks for sharing, Julia.

Christi said...

Julia... I enjoy your photos so much! The icicles are simply beautiful! I can hardly believe you are getting down into the 20"s already. I hope you get to enjoy one last outdoor meal before fall gets into full swing.

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