Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Babies...

The nights have been cool, but our days have been so warm this past week.
Oh...it feels like Spring!

Our second oldest raises registered Red Angus and he has had 2 babies born in the last week.
One little heifer....meet Sally...

The boys were lucky enough to watch the birth. That doesn't happen very often.
I caught them quietly standing off at a distance.
Will even filmed the whole event :).

Fresh born and Mama licking her clean.

 Up and nursing!
That is the sign of a healthy calf.

Next came a rather big calf, and because he was born near Superbowl Sunday, Tim is registering him as "Superbull Sun King."

He was actually born breech...which is not a good thing.
Sometimes, you really have to help the Mama cow if baby is breech.
But we were lucky that his Mama worked to get him positioned just right and he slid out perfectly.
I kind of panicked when Tim came in to tell me that the back feet were showing first and there was no sign of a little nose.
Usually the calf comes out like "Superman" with front feet and nose showing first.
We had a neighbor and Dad on his way home to help pull...I am so glad everything turned out fine.

 He is cute as can be.

 I love watching baby calves play.

Hope you are all having a great day!



Kim said...

So so cute! Congrats to your son!

Stef said...

Oh my, Julia - those pictures are incredible and just precious. You're raising such a beautiful family!

I have been thinking of you and praying for your family - I hope that the spring brings you a little extra sunshine. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad.


Laurel Stephens said...

I love young calves! Adorable! So glad you shared these beautiful photos.

Holly said...

These are such beautiful photos! They tug at my heart. I so admire those who work the land and pass on their knowledge to future generations...love seeing your son here!
Beautiful animals...thanks so much for sharing!

Erika Roberts said...

Oh I love this! Listening to your music while looking at these beautiful pictures of a miracle from God. Every birth is a miracle; every baby precious. This is God's gift to me today, your post, reminding me to cling to the simple wonders in this life that He gives us and to not dwell so much on our 'troubles'. Thank you!

White Ironstone Cottage said...

you can sure tell its a he calf big and handsome
love the pics

Gumbo Lily said...

Great photos! Raising livestock is such a good way to learn about life in every aspect. What a great training ground for your son. He's blessed.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed the photos. They are so cute.

Patti said...

I don't think that I have ever seen Red Angus cows- they are beautiful! Sweet Sally, how adorable she is. I also would like to express my sympathy over the loss of your father.

Jennifer said...

New life is so precious~great photos :)

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Wow, you have some amazing photos there - especially of that new born right after she was born! So neat!! My husband and I love watching calves play as well - we had no idea just how much they 'played' until we moved to our little farm and get to watch the neighbours cows - put new meaning to "leap like calves from the stall."

Jessica Verhoeven said...

I love young calves! Adorable! So glad you shared these beautiful photos.
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Anonymous said...

So beautiful....congratulations to your son on his new baby calves.
What a miracle new life is....Corinne
Julia, I thought you might like
a blog called 'Roller Mill Farms' if you are not already aware of it.

Keeping It Cozy said...

Oh my goodness, Julia, those are precious photos! They are simply adorable. Did you know yesterday we were at my parent's farm and we went to check on a pregnant mama that was missing and we found she had just had twins? One was up but we watched the other stand up for the first time. I cried, it was just so sweet. Hope you have a great weekend!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Sigh...so wonderful. The Red Angus cows look so strong and healthy and their calves are delightful. The lighting in your first photo is amazing.
So pleased both births went well. I remember my dad having to help my uncle pull stuck calves during calving, not so pleasant.

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