Thursday, June 6, 2013

Make Your Own Canning Jar Cup with Straw

Aren't these cutest things ever?

I love Ball canning jars and thought this was the best idea for summer.
This handy dandy portable cup with straw is perfect for car trips, parties, or just to use at home!
I have seen them many this is a copy cat idea.
But here is my take on how to make them!
I made several and they were super easy, fast, and my kids love their new cups.

You will need:

canning jar and lid {blue Ball jars sold HERE if you can't find them  locally}
3/8th drill bit....or a nail and a pair of needle nose pliers
3/8  inch rubber grommets {sold at hardware stores...or HERE}
*the inside of the grommet (or sometimes called a gasket) measures 3/8 inch

First you will need to drill a hole that is 1 cm wide on the top lid.
You can safely drill a hole by holding the lid tightly and letting it overhang halfway over a sturdy table or surface. 
Drill in desired spot.

If you don't have a drill, you can use a hammer and nail to make the initial hole.
Then use your needle nose pliers to gently make a 1 cm opening.

Make sure the underside has all metal around the hole pressed flat.
You could also trim with small wire cutters.
It just needs to be flat!

Now insert your grommet.

It's that simple!
It might take 5 minutes to put together.
*I wash the lids with soap and water, dry thoroughly, and haven't put them in the dishwasher.

Enjoy your perfect portable summer cup!



Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

You always have such great ideas and beautiful 'how-tos'! Thank you for sharing this - when we bought our house (a year ago now! eeee!) I was looking in my cupboards and thought, "Wow our drinking glasses are getting low, I'm going to have to buy some". That evening my husband came up from the basement with a box he had found down there. Inside were 10 canning style jars with handles - they are drinking jars!!! I love them!! Now I just need to get some lids and the supplies you mentioned and I could just keep the lids aside for whenever I need them! :D This is great, thanks again!! :D

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

....okay a side note/reply to my own comment...because apparently I didn't write enough! ;P Anyways - two things - yes I realize this isn't your original idea - but I meant you always have good ideas, and I'm glad you share the ones you try that aren't 'your own'! It is all of your beautiful and easy to follow tutorials that drew me to your site in the first place!! Second - you said CM....not inches! I'm Canadian so I didn't catch it the first time through...but thought it was unusual for someone from the States...?? But what do I know - it just it stood out to me....okay...I'll go now...two small novels in one day is enough! ;) lol! Have a joyous weekend!

Lady Jane said...

This is such a neat idea...

Lisa said...

I love mason jar glasses. They are so country and so summery. I bought some cute lids last year from groupdealz or something. It looks like a daisy cut out on the top.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Walmart sells plastic lids that too.

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