Friday, June 28, 2013

A Sweet & Simple Summer

We love to be at home.
It's our favorite place to be {smile}.
Summers mean that everything is paired down.
My kids don't really have any kind of organized activity that they take part in...besides Vacation Bible School {the big boys are helping out} and 4H.
Mostly... we just stay home.

I probably sound a bit out of the norm, but that is OK.

We stay busy with the farm, but by simplifying there is an amazing amount of creative down time for the kids.
We are free to pick up and take a picnic to the lake, go fishing, or swim in the big blue pool.

I try to make trips into town only once or twice a week.
There are exceptions, but this really helps save on gas and money.
Days at home leave time for the kids to wade in the creek and make dams.
Sometimes they build forts, or ride their bikes, or have a friend over to play.
Art projects scatter across the old oak table.
Staying home means meals are made from scratch {most of the time} and we are able to sit and relax and eat together after a long hot day.

A good portion of the day is spent in work...animals, farming, irrigating, mechanics, etc.
Work really is a good thing, and more often than not, work is play for my kids.
They have so many projects going on right now: rabbit cages being built, a repair business...pontoons built that floated in the big blue pool.

It may not be their favorite thing to help weed the garden, but my kids LOVE the harvest and helping me put up food for the winter :). 
It is work, but so rewarding!

In society today, I think that work is kind of a looming and forgotten ethic...along with just plain simplifying life.
Kids feel so good about accomplishing something, helping the family, or making extra money.

In short, I don't think I have ever heard, "I'm bored!" at our house because we have the time to put into life.

I know that living this way is not for everyone...

but it is perfect for us :).
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wishing you a very sweet and simple summer.
Savor the days with those around you!



Lisa said...

Beautiful post! I love staycations and simplicity. Working at home on projects together as a family is the most rewarding kind of work to me, I don't think my family would agree, though.

Mandy said...

oh this post is perfect! between a blessed homeschool meeting tonight and now this I feel very encouraged! what part of washington are you in? it's beautiful!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Said with a Smile!I can hear it in your voice. Read it between the lines...

There is a quote that says,

"A smile lets others know your heart is at home!"

I love it. I love this post. I can so relate to this.

fiona said...

I love this Julia -it reminded me of my chilhood

Your lovely Children are a credit to you and your Husband

Such beautiful photos as always

Wishing you all a Happy Summer


Heather said...

Lovely post - celebrating simplicity and the joy of being at home on the farm! I think it is so very important to teach our children to be content with the simple joys of a job done well and a little time to play, dream and create! Your pictures, as always are just beautiful!

Kris Gnuse said...

Absolutely lovely! We tend toward being home together, too. My heart craves the down time.

Unknown said...

This post is refreshing to me. I live in the city, but I long for the days of owning a house away from all the noise. A summer with rabbits and crafts and gardening and swimming sounds pretty perfect to me! Although my summer looks much different with weddings, flights and road trips, we slow down by camping and hiking in our National Parks and sharing meals with friends. Simplicity in the city means farmer's markets, small gardens on smaller balconies, thrift shopping and sharing with your community. Thanks for all of the pictures! It's beautiful to see what other people treasure.

Anonymous said...

You are such a humble lady, Julia!
You have so much and yet you are so humble about it is so obvious in your blog posts that your family and home are your priorities
and that living simple and grateful 'is' living shows
in your photos!
love the chippy paint on your chicken coop and your beautiful dining room simple, but so Julia!
looks like you have some artists in your family,
happy summer, Corinne


Julia said...

Hi Lisa! I love staycations, too. I'd be happy with a permanent staycation...I'm such a homebody! I agree...working on projects is a family is awesome and i am sure your kids will have great memories :).

Julia said...

Hi Mandy! So glad you were encouraged and had such a great homeschool meeting! We live in Central Washington :). Thanks for your comment!

Julia said...

Bevy...I always love to hear from you. I can always hear your smiles through your posts :).

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. You will never regret this way of life. Kids grow up way too fast now. The time you have chosen to spend with your family is a gift that will last a lifetime.Happy summer to you and your family! Love all your photos of a happy home & life.Pictures like yours say it all....

Julia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment Fiona! You must have lived out in the country as a child, too ;).

Julia said...

Hi Heather! I agree...teaching kids to be content with the simple things is so important. It is always so nice to hear from you!

Julia said...

Hi Heather! I agree...teaching kids to be content with the simple things is so important. It is always so nice to hear from you!

Julia said...

Kris...I LIVE for down time!!

Julia said...

Lindsay, you life sounds perfectly lovely and full of wonderful times. You are is finding the treasures in your daily comings and goings that create contentment :). Thanks for your comment!

Julia said...

Corinne...your comments are always so uplifting :)! Thank you so much...I wish you had a blog!

Gumbo Lily said...

This is the way to live! The pictures really tell your story. Happy Summertime to you and yours.


Kierstin said...

I love everything about this post. So, so true! Have a glorious, sunny day!


Can I say Amen to this post??
It is not you the one who is OUT.... you are so IN, it is the rest of the world that is so so out!
I love your way of writing, your words so speak to my heart.

Simply At Home said...

I love your post. This is the way of life for us. Home is where we always are, we love being home. I only go to town every two weeks. And can't wait to get back home on that day. This is the way I lived as a child and this is what I want for our children. Blessings to you.

Unknown said...

Hi Julia,
We always have vacation at home!
Simply because... we love being home.
People have offered us a hotel so we can "relax" they said, we have weirdly enough declined those offers.
(Twice! Yikes)
We love being home and together.
With our chickens, the dog and... the kids.
And our own beds plus the comfort of our own meals.

Have a very Blessed week! And... vacation at home!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today. Beautiful. I am only 22 years old so I have a hard time with society as my views are not the same as many. I am striving for simplicity.

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