Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Musings

We have been slightly busy with haying lately.
The weather turned warm and sunny with a slight breeze and made for perfect conditions....finally.
Some of the farmers in the valley had so much rain to deal with.
We did have one storm hit us, but managed to put up some hay with no rain!
 See the little table in between the chairs?
My sweet little 6 year old made it.
He is quite the builder!
 The cows are too funny.
They really are bright and curious...and when I don't feed them a handful of grass...this is what I get...

Remember the kitty I brought home to help with the mice?
Well, she had ONE little kitten who decided to appear out of the hay stack one morning.
The kids are thrilled!

 The kids jump wind's great fun and GOOD exercise.
I tried it too..hehe.

 My Mom brought by a delicious bunch of blueberries on an apple blueberry pie was in order.

 My bees this year are doing so well!
I had TWO total colony collapses early in the year and was lucky enough to receive a wild swarm.
Needless to say, I need to add a "super" {another box with more frames}. 
They are working away and I have several frames capped off with honey!

We all had our first little taste of our own sweet honey.
It was delicious.
Tomorrow my friend Anne Marie and her husband Jason have their beekeeping course up and ready to view!
I am so very excited to see how they keep bees.
If you are at all interested in beekeeping basics the course is only $10!! What a steal of a deal!
Click HERE to sign up....we can learn together :). 
You can also preview the course at Nada Farm.

Hope you are having the most lovely Sunday.



Debby said...

Beautiful pictures. Hope you continue to have a great summer.

fiona said...

What a wonderful playground your Children have Julia

Lovely to see all the hay -the cattle look super healthy

Cute little table well done to your Son

Pie looks so tempting

Thank you for sharing



So it is you the family beekeeper! Amazing!

How much hay did you make? It seems sooo much!


Laurel Stephens said...

I just adore seeing photos of your farm. That's A LOT of hay! I'm so impressed your son made that great table. Wow!

Patty said...

Those are beautiful pictures, Julia and you have a beautiful view from your house!

Hopeful said...

Your bees are doing so well! Our first hive was taken over by moth larvae. Sad indeed. Have you had that happen? Sounds like we need beekeeping basics:)

We were just in Nevada where there are lots of pivots and hay farming. I now have a better idea of how it all works.

Anonymous said...

Julia, everything looks so warm
and wonderful here.....really enjoy
the photos of life around your farm! Your children look like they are having so much fun and that cow looks spoiled! Oh my, but the pie.....yummmmmm, looks so delicious.
I can tell you are enjoying every bit of summer with your family!
blessings, Corinne
love the little table your son looks perfect between the two chairs...what a spot to sit and relax and drink a nice tall glass of ice cold tea and of course a piece of that pie...!!!!!

Sarah said...

Lovely fotos!
Great job of your son building a little table. I love it when the kids get all hands on and make things. :-)

...looks like you're very busy haying. I used to love it when I was a kid!

Greetings from Germany,

Simply At Home said...

Lovely farm and family...

YONKS said...

The title of your blog seems to say it all. It is great to meet another someone so happy with their lot. Happy to have found you. Your newest UK follower.

Shirley Blue Gate Farm said...

You have a beautiful place and children. You are truly blessed. Love the little calico kitten, wish she was mine!!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

'Tis haying season here too. Looks like you've got a good go of it. The pie looks like it will be really good. I've never had apple-blueberry pie before. And those bees....what good honey you're going to be enjoying. I'm so grateful for my beekeeper. He keeps me in good, raw honey for very little $$.


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