Saturday, July 27, 2013

Words That Give Grace

My kids really miss their Papa....but over the last few months {since his passing} I have become aware of how very important his words were.
Throughout the day, the kids will talk about not only about the things he did with them...but what he said.
It has been such a healing experience to laugh and remember all of the good times, and most of all his words.
My Dad was an incredibly uplifting and encouraging man.
He built great confidence and self worth in his kids and his grandkids.

How wonderful it is to be able to say the right thing at the right time.
~Proverbs 15:23

Sometimes I think my tongue is my worst enemy.
How many times have I said the wrong thing at the wrong time, or snapped at the kids or my hubby, or not thought about what could be said to build up instead of tear down?
Many times.

I love to say the right thing..and hear words of encouragement! 
After hearing the day to day funny, encouraging, positive things my Dad said to my children, I have come to realize just how very important words can be to the soul.
Words have such a deeper impact than we will ever know.
They are what last and what people remember you by.

A soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perversion in it crushes the spirit.
~Proverbs 15:4

Communication is like a little path into a person's heart and words spoken in a positive way give the listener life. Harsh words just tear down that connection.

I love this verse:
Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those that hear."
~Ephesians 4:29

When I read that passage again this morning, "according to the need of the moment," really stuck out to me.
It's about small moments.
Taking the time and focusing on that moment with your children/ spouse and planning carefully what words will that they will give grace to those that hear.

"Grace" is my word to live by this year.
How very wonderful of the Lord to show me through my Dad's words...His grace.
All along those edifying words my Dad spoke gave grace to the listener...and he probably didn't even know it :).
It is about slowing life down through focusing on the moment at hand, and passing grace on to those around you through your words.
That is where I am starting today.
Words that build and grow and instill grace.

Have a lovely day!


connie said...

Julia, Your post today speaks volumes to me.. I have often out of hurt just never thought about my words.. and it is so true, that is what a person will remember.. I really needed this today, so thank you.. And hugs to you about missing your Dad, he sounds like he was a great wise man, dad, grandfather..

Hoots Momma said...

thank you for this encouraging post. I often find myself speechless because the only words that I can think of are... harmful. We can't reverse the words we say to others and you are right on target about tearing down. I can think of hurtful things that have been said to me over the years and replay them over and over in my head. The enemy loves this doesn't he? I hope that my words will add salt and grace to all that hear so that God may be honored. Blessings to you. I love reading your posts. SAL

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Wonderfully convicting and real! I firmly believe in the importance of words and communication but you gave me some 'food for thought' on the whole subject! Especially with my children and my husband - those closes often don't hear the most 'graceful' side of us - I should remember to encourage and build up them before any others! Thank YOU for your encouraging words today! ☼

Unknown said...

A lovely post Julia, and one that is timely for me too. Thank you for sharing your heart. I really need to think about this and be reminded of what comes out of my mouth - Grace is the aim. Gorgeous photo's too of course.

Unknown said...

A lovely post Julia, and one that is timely for me too. Thank you for sharing your heart. I really need to think about this and be reminded of what comes out of my mouth - Grace is the aim. Gorgeous photo's too of course.

CW said...

Wonderful wisdom in this post ... I too am being to understand just how important words are and how hurtful they can be EVEN when they aren't meant to be that and I have stopped to think before speaking!
I love you thoughts on this, Thank you!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

When children die we lose a part of our future and when a parent dies we lose an important part of our past. But if we suffered no losses we'd experience no gain. And I have gained some real wealth today just by reading your post. Your father raised a thoughtful daughter, a wonderful legacy.

Simply At Home said...

wow that is wonderful how sweet their memories are of papa.
Words do matter, they speak our tomorrows...may they always be spoken in love, and always uplifting.
Beautifully the post.

Erin said...

What a wonderful legacy of grace-filled words your dad left for you. Thank you for sharing. I have really been convicted lately about the power of my words for good or for ill, and your post was another good reminder to always use my words to encourage and speak the truth in love. Thank you!

Valerie said...

Yours is the very first blog I read this morning, and so very good for my soul. Thinking of you friend! Hugs.

Michelle said...

Everyone need to read this post. It is very loving and moving. It hits right to the heart. Thank you so much for sharing.

Gumbo Lily said...

You share good words and good thoughts. Your pictures portray the good life.


aimee said...

Thank you Julia--your post gave me much to think about this day. I put a link, on my blog, to this post as it is something I felt was very valuable to share with others.
Have a blessed week!
PS: LOVE your photos!

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi there, I am visiting via Aimee's blog. I was trying to figure out what part of the NW that you live in. We live in the Columbia River Gorge - I invite you to visit my blog, I just put up some gorge photos. I love your country photos.. that is how we brought up our kids! Now I'm a grandma. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful words as always....comes straight from a
woman who reads and loves Gods word
and that is obvious even in your
photos of your beautiful family being
nourished by you Julia, a mom who is in the Word and is committed to teaching it and practicing it before her family....praise God for the example of your Dad.........
love that photo of your cat!

fiona said...

Such a special post Julia thank you- with lovely photos as always

You are very astute and what you share comes from the heart with your strong faith plain to see

Thinking of you all x

Erika Roberts said...

Oh, this is such a good reminder. What a great legacy and blessing from your Dad and not only has it reached your kids but now all of us, your blog followers. Thank you for this reminder and the beautiful bible verses. I have, as a mom, prayed that the words said to my kids in tire and frustration would not leave lasting hurt and damage but would be forgiven and surrounded by grace. We live in a fallen world and I am thankful for God who can teach me to be a better parent and person! Thank you for sharing this legacy with us. ~Erika from MishMashedMe

Kim - Liv LIfe said...

What a beautiful and meaningful post. Living with grace... something I try to do but I know I am not always successful. The other phrase about something happing at the right time also spoke to me.
Thank you for sharing a part of your father with us... he lives on even more as he touches our lives as well.
Your photos are perhaps even more lovely than your words!!!

Anne Marie said...

beautifully said Julia...and that is exactly the reason the Lord instituted the Bible and the order for us to hear & read His word every different times in our lives it all means something different

I have "conversation remorse" often and would love to curtail my tongue - keeping silent is better than speaking most often times -

love all your photographs...that place looks so fun and peaceful at the same time :)

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I so appreciate this line...

"Communication is like a little path into a person's heart and words spoken in a positive way give the listener life. Harsh words just tear down that connection."

Thanks for the encouraging read here today.

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