Monday, January 20, 2014

Good Things...

Have a few moments and a cup of tea?
Here are a few good things you might want to peruse :).

The truth about discontentment...THIS  is a good read from Moments...from Becky Keife.


red. ink.  Grace is an undiscovered gem. Her graceful writing is not only inspiring, but flows like a painting.
I love, love her booklist for this year.

These waffles from Hopeful Things...

Hope has the most delectable recipes....and, well, who doesn't love a waffle on a weekend morning?
Amongst the Lovely Things is having a "Weekends with Chesterton" series.
I had heard of Chesterton, but am finding him to be an amazing writer.
I bought my first book, Common Sense 101, Lessons from G.K. Chesterton...I'll admit, mostly because I thought the cover was so cute. Look at that darling couple and their Scotty!

It has been a great read so far.
I have so many blogs that I love to visit regularly.
Here are a few I haven't mentioned before.
The ladies are insightful, creative, provide a peek into their varied lives, and they have beautiful photos...


Valentine's Day is less than a month away.
Hard to believe...I still feel like it's Christmas.
My Pinterest board has some great pins...

Follow Julia's board Valentine's Day on Pinterest.

Looking for a few good family friendly meals?
Love this blog!
Foodie with Family

Hope you have a great day!



Kimberly said...

:) Well, it's cup of coffee and nine open tabs to read throughout the day, but I look forward to checking them all out! (Actually the coffee mug is almost empty and the kettle already on....)
Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

These things you have shared are surely just that....'good things'!!
I read both Becky Keife and Red Ink
and visited over at Amongst Lovely Things....I just love all the bloggers you listed and was totally inspired by each one! Most of all though I just love the picture on the cover of G.K. Chestertons book as we had a Scotty for 16 years and believe you me he was a wonderful dog...I will never forget him...he was part of our family...his name was Captain daughter named him and grew up with him like a brother...I'm going to get the book and of course...I'll have to make a batch of those waffles shared by Hope...a favorite breakfast around here.....yummmm!
Thanks for sharing truly 'good things'!

Gumbo Lily said...

I'd love a big bit of that waffle. Great pic!

Thank you kindly for your bloggy love. That was very sweet of you, Julia.


Anonymous said...

This post was so full of good things! New blogs to discover and amazing enlightenment into the human soul. You are a blessing in my life and continue to encourage me to press forward in God's word. For only through Him will I know true contentment. Karen

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