Saturday, January 11, 2014

Join Me Tomorrow for Sunday Supper...

Spending time together is such an important part of being a family.
And in our society today, it seems that we are sometimes chock full of activities, commitments, that simple time together is hard to come by.
{First real snow of the season and Jack and I went tracking :)}

One of the most profound ways we can spend time together is to gather together at the table each night.
I read a couple of studies that said more American families are eating together than a few years ago!
Isn't that neat?
The study also sites that kids who eat with their families are less likely to try drugs or alcohol, are more well adjusted, get better grades, and communicate well.
It's been proven.
I think that the most generous gift of sharing a meal together is the time together to relax, recharge, laugh, tell stories.
A time to model manners and nourish the souls of those around us.

It's a time to slow.
A time to teach and make memories.
Even if you find it hard to sit down together every night of the week, why not make Sunday Supper a special day just for that?
Years ago, Sunday was a day that many families looked forward to a day of relaxing and enjoying a nice meal together.

"Such memories will be foreign to most present-day children, including my own, because Sunday dinner, which once bound together so many families, rich and poor, urban and rural, Northern and Southern, has largely gone the way of the Saturday Evening Post, which used to celebrate it. Families still gather for weddings and funerals, Bar Mitzvahs and Christmas Eves, and especially for Thanksgiving, but except for special occasions, not much is left of the old idea of sitting down to a roasted joint or bird on Sunday, when there was always time to cook, to eat hearty, and to talk."

I think we should revive the Sunday Supper tradition with joy.
To make at least one day of the week a special day at the meal table.
Where the kids can talk about things that concern them, or laugh about the week.
Where we make the table and the food fare just a tiny bit more special.
A time for Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, or favorite friends to join in and pass down wisdom.
A time to just be together...slow and steady, easy and comfortable.

Tomorrow, won't you join me?



PS: If you have a Sunday Supper memory that you would like to share, email me at ...I'd love to include your thoughts!


Amy at love made my home said...

It is so nice to sit and share a meal with any group, family, friends whatever isn't it! Hope that you enjoy your meals. xx

connie said...

Julia, I too wish it would come back to those days of old... My family always had dinner together and I have done the same with my children. One is married now and lives away, but I so wish this tradition would be revived.. I think it would help society so much..and the family value would be re-instilled in us all.. but I think its a must to leave the cell phones, and electronic gadgets in the car... Loved this...

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

love this... and yes! while we do sit down together as a family every night - for dinner... we also have a few other rules. NO TV, radio or phone (we just let it ring...)

It's been "just what we do". And I notice how I feel if and when we're somewhere for a meal and either of those things become an interruption. How quickly!

But - another thing that I wish for is the return of Sunday Guests over for a meal after church. Bring on the takes commitment and time in planning but what a great thing to value and pass on to the next generation. (I know, we're trying to do this.)

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