Friday, February 28, 2014

Rhythm of the Day

The rhythm of the day flows like a stream winding and turning corners, yet constant and steady.
I think our family finds comfort in certain aspects happening daily.
A routine, a rhythm that provides a contentment knowing that there are constants in our life: love, work, nourishment, and faith. 

First thing I see when I walk into the kitchen in the morning.
Ruth peeking in to say hello.

Tea and a devotion.
I try to do that with the kids as much as possible in the mornings.
We love tea together and this book, Jesus Calling, 365 Devotions for Kids, is a wonderful devotional.
Even the older kids like it :).

Fresh made beds.
I love them so.
Just makes the day feel like we are getting off to a good start.

Chores are usually done early and Ruth is our faithful sidekick.
She is half Border-Collie, half Golden Retriever and loves to work.

The babies are here!
Oh how fun it is to see their cute little faces in the morning.
Our little pony, Chip, waiting for breakfast.

And then there is bread.
This sprouted Spelt recipe turned out amazingly well today.
Moist, chewy, and perfect for sandwiches.
 I'll have the recipe up to share soon :).

Timmy, our 13 year old, sold this little calf today all on his own.
I keep thinking it is I who should be speaking with potential buyers, but Darren keeps telling me to let him go.
He knows so much more and really has developed a quality line of genetics with his Red Angus herd.
It's amazing to watch him grow.

And speaking of growing....this guy {who doesn't want me to take his picture} is growing like a horse!
Love silly teens...who have hollow legs and can't get enough to eat!
I am so thankful for all of my kids.
They love their family and will go to far ends to make sure they help where it is needed.
Will is no exception.
Today he and his brother changed the oil in their Grandma's car.
They also fixed the fuel tank and sensor a couple of weeks ago.
They are good people and sure fun to be with :).

School and reading.
Jack is starting to read everything. 
Today he finished First Steps by Pathway Readers and was super thrilled!

I walk everyday around our field.
It's a good way to get a little exercise in and think on things.
Sometimes the day can get pretty stressful and my walks give me time to wind down.

 And look!
Spring is really is!

Hope the rhythm of your day is lovely.



Gumbo Lily said...

Love that Angus poster above the bed. (I have an old Hereford poster). Love seeing your farm life and routines. It's very appealing and beautiful to me.

Keeping It Cozy said...

This was such a wonderful post, Julia. I love getting a glimpse into your days! (P.S. First Steps, Days Go By... they are on my shopping list for school next year! Now I'm curious about your curriculum choices. :-) )

Anonymous said...

So, Ruth has to stay outside 24/7 with freezing rain, snow and on hot days. HOW INHUMANE can you be as a Christian! Why not let one of your kids stay outside 24/7? That is cruel.

JHM said...

Love you posts - this one was so comforting and made me smile.

JHM said...

Such a joy to read today. Love the photos and your words just made me smile and relax.

Julia said...

Oh dear NO...{anonymous}!! Quite the contrary. Our dogs have heated dog houses and a nice kennel. If it gets too cold, they come inside :). My husband goes to work early and let's them out in the morning. They always have a heated place to go to {and shade in the summer}....Ruth just likes to come to the window to visit me. The weather was NOT frigid that morning :). Thank you for your concern, though!


Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of Ruth
looking in. My dog stays outside also.


Lisa said...

I love the little look into your life. You are always so upbeat and inspiring. You were so Christ-like in response to your negative comment. Some people just look for and assume the worst of people. They just aren't happy people and want to spread that around. You just continue to spread your sunshine. Bless you...

Anonymous said...

We just started doing the Jesus Calling for Kids this year and they love it! My Mom got it for our family for Christmas and it was a perfect gift. We do ours at dinnertime and they always remind me if I forget. Loved seeing your pics from everyday life and am enjoying your blog.

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