Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Glimpses...a Week on the Farm

A week just flies by...doesn't it?
This time of the year brings busy days, longer outside time, and kids happy to be out on the fresh air.
We have had some absolutely gorgeous Spring days in the last week, as well as drizzly afternoons, giving us much needed moisture.
It's such an enjoyable time of the year.
Fresh, happy, and all new and shiny.
Here is a glimpse of our week...

Boys doing morning chores together.

We had a sick little bull calf ....but he is doing much better now.
No more droopy ears.

My chickens are enjoying their last few days of freedom.
I'll be making them stay in their pen soon, as they enjoy ALL of the new green shoots coming up in the garden.
I think they already wiped out a whole row of peas!

I found a little surprise in my garden while taking out some invasive Soap Wart.
My Grandpa Jack had given me garlic the year we moved in...which sort of disappeared...and I found over 100 starts buried in the invasive plant!
I am hoping to have a good crop this year.
P.S.: If you plant Soap Wart, give it LOTS of room to spread!

Tim has been giving Lily riding lessons.

The boys are involved in shooting sports 4-H this year and competed last week.
They were awesome!

Coloring Easter eggs...

Easter morning the littles awoke early to find their baskets.

The big boys slept in :).

After church we had an egg hunt!
Even the chickens joined in.

It was serious business :).
Easter was just lovely and we just stayed home.
Don't you love just being home?

 Heirloom tomatoes given to me by a sweet friend.
I am just starting to harden them off.
 Jack's sweet potato experiment.
Hopefully we see roots and shoots soon.
He loves science!
 Merry little daffodils cheer up the table.
I have so many dancing in the wind outside.
It's been so fun to have fresh flowers in the house again.

My Green Gage Plum tree is in bloom.
I love this time of year.

Just planting the garden. 
It looks so bare, but soon it will be full!

 Peas are just starting to emerge.
Can't wait for crisp pods to eat raw off the vine.
So far, we have planted swiss chard, peas, onions, spinach, lettuces, radishes, kale, and leeks.
Potatoes are next.
I love getting my hands in the dirt and looking forward to the generous rewards down the road.

Hope your week is going well!



okcamp said...

Such a pretty farm.

Michelle said...

Looks like a great week. Glad to hear the calf is better. Whats soap wart ?

Julia said...'s a very beautiful, but invasive, flower!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Love this.

Good for you on the garden efforts. I can't wait to see it in full bloom - you always have the prettiest. Flowers and garden. It's all your hard work that shows. :)

Love the red tricycle. That's what I would love to find for my baby. An oldie but a goodie.

Blessings on your day!

Gumbo Lily said...

Springtime on the farm is just the best, isn't it? Just got my potatoes in, but for me, it's too early to plant much else.

Mandy said...

my 2 oldest are doing shooting in 4-H this year too, here in Oregon. spring is lovely, especially on your farm!

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