Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Restless by Jennie Allen: A Review of a Truly Inspiring Read

Throughout this Lenten season, I have been reading and praying through a beautiful book, Restless, by Jennie Allen.

 She is a wonderful author who speaks candidly and with graceful words that flow seamlessly, as though chatting with a friend. Although Restless is an 8 week, DVD based bible study, I found it just as thought provoking on my own. Jennie Allen gently challenges us to live a life of purpose and contentment...a life that God calls us to right where we are at this moment. I believe many of us feel like God has called us to do more, but we lack the bravery to take a step towards fulfilling that dream. Jennie steps out in faith, using the story of Joseph to gently lead your heart down a path of deep reflection and prayer...showing you that God has a perfect plan for each one of us and to take fear and combat it with biblical truth.
Restless: Because You Were Made for More  -     By: Jennie Allen

She states, "Our places are not an accident. Your gifts and stories will be used in many different places over your lifetime.....He just wants you to participate in His story wherever you are and with whatever you have."

This book is about our passions {we may have put on hold}, our gifts and places in this life that are not by coincidence: rather that God has placed us right where we are to use our gifts for His purpose. Jennie takes you through an inner study of who you really are and how you fit into this beautiful plan that God has for you. Your gifts, the suffering in your life, your passions, where God has placed you, the people that He has placed right in front of your have a purpose. Restless urges us to follow God's plan for our lives and how incredible that path can be.

"We ache to be part of something great, and it makes us nervous at the same time. We were built for this, but we all fight hundreds of mixed motives and fears. Jesus said of us, "Whoever believes in Me...they will do even greater things than these."(John 14:12).....Our souls are restless until they rest in God. We were made for Him and He gave everything so that our souls could finally and forever rest in Him."

 On a personal level, this book resonated that you don't have to see and plan everything out in your life. God has the master list and good plans for each of us. The unknown is a difficult thing to conquer...and one of my own personal fears. What we don't know will be revealed in faith. Relinquishing every action, thought, and word to God...all day, everyday....knowing that He is going to confidently lead you in the right direction is a comfort. 

"God doesn't change the world though grand visions; He changes the world through surrendered people hungry for His glory."

I highly recommend this book. It will cause you to think, pray, and challenge you to a higher calling in your life. You will come away celebrating that God created you infinitely unique and that He wants to use your gifts to share His joy with those around us.
It will refresh your spirit.

If you would like to purchase Restless, you can do so HERE.

Meet Jennie Allen HERE.

And a little clip about Restless...

A big thank you to Sara for asking me to review this lovely book.
It was such a treat to enjoy it through the Easter season and I found my faith strengthened!



Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this Julia, I'm
always on the lookout for a good read....your posts are always so thoughtful of others...always sharing what can be of a help to others and in doing so you are really helping others and doing much more in your life then you may are always a blessing to so many right here on your blog and that is a ministry in and of itself!
Gods blessing to you and your beautiful family this Resurrection Sunday!!!!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

This does sound like a fabulous read. I love that thought and so totally agree...where it is written...(I'm paraphrasing)

We are restless until we are at rest with God.

I will most likely be getting my hands on this one. :)

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