Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
Mine was just lovely.
A day spent together with my family, my dear Mom, a Skype visit with my mother-in-law, brunch at a nearby farm, and time to fill my heart with sweet memories.
As a mother, I think the greatest virtue I have had to acquire is patience.

It's the trait that allows us to endure the hard things and then wait for the good.
I believe that when you lack patience, you focus so much on yourself that you are unable to be generous, kind, and giving to those around you amid the many challenges that come up in everyday life.
Oh boy....have I ever been there!

  1. 1.
    the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I make a conscious effort to practice patience daily.
Because let's face it: patience is essential to many circumstances in life.
I wait on the laundry, the kids getting ready to leave the house, the doctor visit, the dentist.
I wait to hear good news from a friend, I wait in line at the grocery store.
I wait for hearts to heal and hurts to mend.
But do I stop to really see the gifts around me while I wait?

It requires a certain inner strength to not be discouraged by life's disappointments, or struggles....and they happen daily.
Rather, patience preserves that peace in your mind and gives you courage.
For me, the Lord has been gently tapping on my shoulder...reminding me to see the gift in waiting.
To slow.
Fully slow and focus a mind that races to see the outcome.
To look before my eyes and take in the gifts at hand and to be thankful.

Rather than being so overcome by the problem or task at hand, practicing patience and slowing allows you to live virtuously.

Patience brings forth an inner strength that grants you the ability to live life gracefully...even under pressure.
To care for those around you and put their hearts ahead of your own.
This is motherhood summed up in one sentence :).

I think as a mother I always feel this certain "rush" to do something while I wait on something else.
Multitasking and hurrying throughout my day to try and finish more and more.
Perhaps missing the moment in the wait to be patient and see what is set before me....
Maybe my little one asking a question that I am too hurried to really answer.
Forgetting to look around to see who might need an uplifting word, help with something, or just a little more of my time.

It happens all the time.
Everywhere...even in the grocery store waiting in line.
Instead of grappling with my thoughts on what I need to do next, maybe I need to chat with my children, or another person in line.
Offer a gentle smile or a helping hand.

To look for that moment of grace and a way to bless those around me.

Patience is the virtue that gives you freedom.
Freedom to know that in waiting there is a reward.
Like the farmer who patiently waters his crop....knowing that it will bring forth growth.
I want that kind of growth and motherhood has fine tuned that yearning in my heart.

Hope your day is wonderful and full of patient blessings!



connie said...

Julia, Thank you for this post.. Happy Mother's day a bit late... seems like you had a great day.
Patience, when I read your post so many things hit me in the heart.. so sweet girl, this was a eye opener for me. :) which is a good thing.
I will be thinking and working on this and to think I thought I was a Patient person.. humf.. Have a great day... Loved the photos..

Amy at love made my home said...

An excellent post with wonderful thoughts and sentiments and definitely many things that I am trying to work on and wish that I could take on board a lot better! xx

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Simply beautiful...

For whatever reason... I always had this thought that patience and waiting were basically the same thing. No - I clearly see a difference.

I laugh... because I can hear myself (in my head) saying this, primarily to my kids: Wait a minute, have patience! When really - I, as the relayer, is clearly not demonstrating the virtue of patience.
Oh wow - so much more of an area to grow in...

Elisha said...

THANKYOU for the patience talk, an encouraging reminder to me today

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. I find myself thinking more on this topic every day. Life seems to be rushing by and me right with it. But I find that when I am feeling rushed, like in the grocery store line, if I begin to pray for those around me, my eyes open, my demeanor softens, and I am able to smile to those who need it most. Thank you for your thoughts.

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