Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 Garden Tour

I think gardening is one of my most rewarding pleasures in life.
My garden is a source of peace and I love being out there to see what is happening, pick, and harvest.
Every day something is new and each year it looks a little different.
I definitely can't categorize myself as a "neat" gardener.
I like it kind of untamed and loosely beautiful.
Many of the flowers self-seed and I like to see what becomes of God's green thumb.
I doubled my vegetable garden, so the weeding has been tremendous, but I am enjoying the harvest.
Lately, I have been toying around with the idea of selling out of my garden.
I have always wanted a road-side stand, and was so inspired to create something like this...{link here}
What fun!
I will need to plant a little more, as I am already noticing that we are needing most of what I am harvesting.
I will have a little extra to sell, though.
We'll see how it goes! is a little tour~ because I LOVE to snoop in other people's gardens.
And mine happens to be weeded....sort of...

 I have four raised beds in an enclosed space where I grow tomatoes, peppers, and lettuces.

This year, I am not sure what happened...I CANNOT grow lettuce.
Every attempt has failed.
I am lost....lettuce is THE easiest green to grow!

Most of the flowers in the garden were bought as starts from a local sale every year.
Gradually, they have either self-seeded, or I have divided the plants and planted in other spots.
I also have been gifted so many different flowers from neighbors who are willing to share.

{Back of the fenced garden.}

Off to the right of my enclosed garden is the row garden.
It's like going to the grocery store.
I take my bowl and fill it to the brim with vegetables for lunch and dinner.
It is lovely.

{Rainbow Swiss Chard}

I always, always plant a huge row of zinnias.
They are just so cheery!
 This year I included a row of sweet peas and my Mom let me borrow this cute little fence to let them climb.
Today I found the first bloom!

In the back of my fenced garden I have an herb garden tucked between fruit trees, the chicken coop, and the raspberries.

 And then there's Maud, the tin can scarecrow.
She has quite the suntan and ruby red lips.
Maud sits at the edge of the garden...watching over things.

Usually, I keep my chickens in their coop when the garden is in full swing because they think it is their personal snack bar.
Mabel is the exception....
 She sat on 12 eggs for over three weeks and hatched just one sweet little chick.
I let her roam just because :).

Hope you enjoyed a little snoop into my garden.
Enjoy these lovely, long summer days...



Kimberly said...

It all looks wonderful!
Our chickens free range everywhere except my garden. They cleaned out my flower pots on the porch this week. Boo. It's not a salad bar!
I didn't plant much this year and I'm still not maintaining it. Maybe next year...

Ironstone and Pine said...

Julia your garden is so beautiful and serene! I would LOVE to have the green thumb you have!!

Maureen Wyatt said...

It's a beautiful garden! My chickens don't do much damage to the veggie garden except digging in the dirt I add to the potatoes. They play havoc in the rose garden, though, since they've decided it's the ideal place for a dirt bath. sigh

Anonymous said...

Love looking at gardens! It all looks so nice! The zinnias are my favorite too! Crazy about the lettuce not growing...some years things just do what they want! Thanks for the garden photos!

Unknown said...

This is just beautiful. I cannot grow things that well. Maybe I need more patience. I love your garden. So gorgeous!

Mandy said...

It is pretty and peaceful!

Ellen Walton said...

I love your flowers!

Keeping It Cozy said...

Julia, your garden is so gorgeous. I love everything about it! What a peaceful place to work. P.S. The roadside stand has absolutely been SO fun... you would just love it. :-)

Gumbo Lily said...

It's looking beautiful, Julia! This year I'm growing gobs of good lettuces and kale, but the tomatoes are horrible. I blame it on a cool-ish summer. Just an idea I saw recently....a few leaves of swiss chard poked in a flower bouquet. REALLY pretty and fun!


Simply At Home said...

I always look forward to this post..I love your garden. What a great place to wonder too..a little time along. Lovely post ~

Amy at love made my home said...

Your garden looks beautiful!! Lettuce does not like hot temperatures, so perhaps you need to try somewhere a little shadier to grow it as I imagine that your garden is quite warm and sunny from looking at the pictures. xx

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

You're gardens are always so beautiful..

I always loving sneaking a peek through and through and seeing your view out across the way!

Amazing!! you're really blessed..

Come on by my place, today, if you get a chance. I posted a recipe there that you might find interesting to share with your family...and your friends and neighbors - since you talked about possibly growing for surplus. :)

Roller Mill Farms said...

You should def do a roadside stand! Andreas is so inspiring, makes me want to do one myself! I love that you can do little things like that on a farm so easily and I think more people should. =) Loved having a walk through your garden! Mine is still developing, maybe one day it will have a fence and an arbor. Such a rewarding process!

Dorie said...

Beautiful garden tour - and Maud is adorable!

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful garden! What kind of zinnias did you plant? Mine are Burpee's state fair mix. The colors are beautiful but they are so tall and floppy. Your's look so neat and compact. Thanks for sharing your garden.


Tanmay Roy said...

Wow, it's wonderful! Beautiful garden I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Kim said...

Beautiful garden. Love the one and only chick!

Unknown said...

evening...I found your blog through The Red Feed Sack.....and it is wonderful....real, simple, family oriented, pretty...etc...smiles, Linda

Kara said...

This garden is to die for. How inspiring! We recently moved in to a new house and I have to start my garden from scratch. Do your chickens free range? Do they leave things alone?

Lana said...

That is the most precious little space...I love every inch of everything you have done...

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