Thursday, October 9, 2014

Grateful to Be Back!

I had a long and unanticipated departure from my little space.
I am so very challenged when it comes to anything technical...even the smallest mistake lands me in trouble!
I have been contemplating a name change for quite a while. 
Our farm is such a part of our daily happenings, and in the future we would like to expand on what we are doing. 
Having the blog name cohesive with the farm just made more sense to me.
So Fairview Farm it is!

I will still write about the same topics...and maybe some new ones, too!
Contentment is an ever steady focus in life, so you will be sure to find posts about that.
You will also be directed right back to this place whenever you type in Blissfully Content.
Nobody will be lost or seeing an error message anymore.
Thank you to my sweet sister in law, Dani, for all of her help!
I still have a few more aesthetic changes coming...but for now I am so glad to be "home."

This spot of mine, I just cherish it.
For me, it is a way to chronicle the good, the lovely, those uplifting moments that are pure joy. 
Surely my life is not void of struggles.
There are always stresses tangling their way throughout the day.
Life is well...just like that.
But Christ?
 He wants us to find the joy and trust that He will answer our prayers when we give those worries up to Him. 
When I pray for help and then continue worrying, it's like a slap in the face.
Kind of like saying, "Here are my problems, please help....but I am not really sure I trust I'll keep trying to handle this myself."
It is what a whole relationship is built upon.
So, I choose to remind myself of this in every situation.
Breathe. Give up the worries. And trust that God always, always answers.

I hope to come back to my posts and one day see all of the good.
All of the happy, joy filled moments.
Even in the midst of pain, or troubles, and challenges.

I hope that you all had the most wonderful summer full of warm memories.

We are basking in the cool mornings and evenings that refresh us after hot, Indian Summer days that were perfect for a Fall camping trip.

Apples are ready to be picked and made into sauce, and lovely fritters.
Tomatoes are being roasted and frozen for delicious meals this winter.
Beets, carrots, and potatoes still need to be dug. 
Pumpkins baked and pureed for sweet muffins and pies...

Autumn is just plain delicious, isn't it?

Have a wonderful evening!


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

So good to hear from you again!!

Anonymous said...

I have missed you! So thankful everything is alright. Like the name, where I live is also called Fairview Community.


Unknown said...

Happy you are back! Fall is sure a beautiful time of year!

:: krista said...

Hi Julia... Just wanted to share that I am always thankful to see your blog pop up in my feed. It reminds me to focus on the simple things, and how beautiful life can be if you take a moment to look around. Thank you :)

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