Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Make a Fall Centerpiece for Your Table {Tutorial}

I still have so much to harvest from the garden, but the pumpkins and squash are cleaned out. 
They are piled in lumps and groupings all over the farm.
Some are stored for the winter and some will be baked and roasted into a lovely puree to freeze.

Sometimes life just calls for something extra special.
I put together a Fall setting at our kitchen table and everyone was so excited to sit down to dinner tonight.
It would be a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Everything was from my garden, but you could easily create this with goods from the grocery store, farmer's market, or even a kind neighbor with a garden.

I have friends who tell me that they don't have a creative bone in their body and could never make something like this for the holidays.
I say pshaaw...
Our God is a creative God and He gave each of us the ability to create in different ways.

Would you like to put together something similar?

Here is a little "how to." {smile}


1 bigger squash for the center
2 orange pumpkins about 8 inches tall
2 white pumpkins or squash in a light color, about 8 inches
4 smaller squash like acorn or butternut
2 small vases of flowers
2 candles
various other small squash or mini pumpkins, pine cones, leaves, branches
table runner...if you have one :)
cake stand

First, place your bigger squash of your choice in the center of the table on the cake stand and add two candle sticks off to both sides.

Next, add your 8 inch pumpkins/squash.
Just like this...

Remember, you can use whatever you can find. It doesn't have to be exactly like the picture.
There are so many beautiful varieties of squash out there!

It is starting to really come together.
The third step is to add some of your smaller squash.
I staggered mine, can you see?
I placed one just in front of the candle stick to fill in space, and then on the opposite side with the other candle.
Don't worry, we are playing with balance, and it will look perfect in the end.

 Now comes the fun part....filling it all in!
Basically, you are looking to fill in spaces with the smaller pumpkins.
I placed them in various spots and tried to keep the color balance right. 
Things don't have to be symmetrical, but if you are nervous, then whatever you do on one side, do it on the other.
So, if there is a little orange pumpkin next to the white one on one side, do it on the other end.
Look for big open spaces and fill in!

Last, you are going to add in all of the little stuff.
I placed my flowers just to the side of the candles.
On either side I added pine cones next to the smaller pumpkins.

 I had some small pine cones that I spread on either end, and then tucked in a few leaves.
They had berries which was such a bonus!
Tuck in all kinds of little details to fill in space.
Move things around if they don't look pleasing to the eye and if you are struggling, remember to balance things by repeating on each side.

Enjoy...and have fun!
Creating with nature is so lovely.

Wishing you a warm Fall day.



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Unknown said...

So pretty Julia! I like the idea of the cake stand. Fun to use what you have grown and makes it that much more special!

Gumbo Lily said...

Really pretty, Julia! I love the look of natural things -- pumpkins, gourds, leaves and cones. My only problem....where does the food go? I guess a family can dish up at the counter and sit down to eat amongst the pumpkin patch. Fun!

jv said...

Did you make the table runner also? Would love a tutorial on that??!

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