Sunday, February 15, 2015

Catching Up

Hello friends.
I feel like I have been absent from this little space far too long.
Life, you know, it can be so busy with the ebb and flow of children and family.
I do hope things are going well for you!

January swept through with fog and more fog.
When it would clear just below our house, we would walk the field and check cows.

 The girls are close to calving time and we just moved them to a closer pasture to watch them.

 February is here, and with it Spring like weather.
Seriously, I am planting spinach seeds today in my garden.
This is highly unusual weather for Washington state and we are preparing for a drought.
There is very little snow pack in the hills. 

 The warm, sunny weather is such a blessing, though, because we are outside.
The kids are spending hours concocting all kinds of things.
It is so good to be in the fresh air, and really, it clears all kinds of things up in the mind.
Being active outdoors is an essential.
Isn't it?
 Tim made a homemade smoker with directions from a book, and by golly, it works beautifully!
He smoked some fish we had in the freezer and we all enjoyed a little piece of deliciousness.

Valentine's Day here was chock full of love. 
The kids made a load of pretty cards to give out to friends.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and have the chance to get outside!



Simply At Home said...

I love peeks into your little life.
Your blog is so lovely and peaceful.
That is an amazing smoker. We are well, waiting for a snow storm to hit. But we will make our day wonderful and content. Blessings Julia.

Debby said...

Such fun pictures. I like your Valentines.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Cute, cute valentine cards... lol!

Always good to hear from you. May your week be blessed!

Ginny said...

Living in Eastern Pennsylvania did not allow man nor beast out yesterday, dangerous wind chills! Counting the days until Spring arrives :-)

Laura Lane said...

You've done amazing things in the five years since I read your post on contentment a few minutes ago!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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