Friday, February 20, 2015

On the Farm this Week

The girls are ready to calve.

A couple look like they might go this weekend.
They kind of waddle when they walk....I remember that feeling :)

Cousins came to ride motorcycles, have dinner, and go to a 4-H meeting with us.

My new planner is here and I am excited to fill up all of the blank spaces.

And new wood chips grace the herb garden paths.
It feels like spring !

The End.

Anyone else ready for Spring?



Simply At Home said...

Julia, I remember those calving days.
They are so fun to watch. Curious and playful. I am so ready for spring. At this very moment we are receiving sleet, more snow and Ice. Thank you for sharing your almost spring photo's, I love reading about your little farm. Blessings

Kristina said...

YES!!!! I cant wait for spring, as i was just shoveling slush. Blessings

Lisa said...

It's gorgeous and sunshiny, and I can almost imagine warmer temps.

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