Thursday, February 19, 2015

On Patience

{My crew a few years ago :)}

I have been a mother now for 16 years, which sure doesn't make me an expert in the field of child rearing, but I can say I have had plenty of moments to mess things up and graciously fix my mistakes.
Probably the most profound quality I have had to learn as a mother is patience.

Patience is a necessity for our hearts, our happiness, our souls, to give the best to those around us.
Patience is the essence of love.
Being patient allows you to say the right thing and think through to do the right thing.
It's a quality I think our kids will emulate if we continually demonstrate it.
Golly, I don't think it comes naturally! 
You really have to practice patience.
Sometimes over and over again.

{Oh, she was so little!}

I look back and I wish {oh how I wish} I would have had this patience thing down pat early on.
There is no greater way to love your child and gain their heart than to develop patience so that whatever the circumstance, you always have that mind set to react with a loving response.

{This guy is 6'2" now :)}

A response that demonstrates behavior that THEY will in return copy.
Digging a little deeper and looking at their hearts first.

It is the beginning of Lent today and such a time of renewal.
My focus this Lent is on patience.
A patient heart that loves those around me enough to know that they are a reflection of my heart and my reactions to them.

 Patience is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your your your friends :).
It definitely takes an enormous amount of practice
I think some days I really have to fight for it and seep myself in prayer.

Patience is the greatest gift I can give to my children and a life skill that they will come to appreciate.
It is what they need most from me.

 And even though I seem to mess up daily...I hope I am teaching my children that patience is at the heart of truly loving someone.

Hope your day is lovely!



Terrie C. said...

Thank you for this. Being a recovering control freak, this is an area I need a lot of work in. Praying that He gives me wisdom and peace to wait, hold back.

Carol Blanchet said...

Thank you for your gentle reminder. Today of all days, I really needed to hear it.❤

Lisa said...

Patience is such a great thing to work on anytime but especially during. It is Christ-like attribute that we could all use to work on.

Debra Howard said...

What a beautiful post. Yes we do learn patience as a mom, that is for sure.

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