Friday, March 6, 2015

On the Farm This Week...

It has been a warm, sunny week with cool nights.
The mornings feel like almost-frost and the days bring on short sleeved shirts.

The first signs of yellow are popping through, their faces barely open to the warm.

Little calves romp and play along the fence as I walk the field each evening. 
Their curious brown eyes wide with wonder. 
As soon as I get close they all leap, tails straight in the air.

There are softball tryouts and lots of practicing, and kite flying in the warm breeze.

Peas are almost planted and onions are next to go into the ground.

My Floret sweet pea seeds came. Sooo excited about those new varieties!
Just being outside in the dirt is plain lovely.

It's busy as Spring comes.

Sometimes my head is reeling with all that the day holds.
As the kids get older, I find we are busier and busier.
Going outside, though, just relieves that anxiety.
There is something about fresh Spring air that does wonders for the brain.
I think it is a necessity for our well-being.

Clears the cobwebs and refreshes your mind!

Here is to a lovely day friends!



Gumbo Lily said...

I love seeing the happenings on your farm. I'm curious about your sweet peas. Are they the vine-type or will they be a cut-flower variety?

Simply At Home said...

You are having amazing spring weather..short sleeves and daffodils are still in our dreams. Love all the photo's.

Unknown said...

Hi Jodi! You can find the seeds at and they are the cut flower variety :)


Unknown said...

Thank you Teresa!


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