Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Passing Moments

This life.
Sometimes I feel like I am pressed for time no matter what I do. 
I scramble here and there, trying to get it all done.
This morning we were late to school.
{We have a couple in school this year.}
Their dear, dear teacher was commenting that she was running behind because she had to wait for a train...and a looong red light.

Instead of getting uptight she just cranked up the music and relaxed.
Nothing could be done about the situation, so why not enjoy the time?
I love her thoughts.

I had to reply that we were late because there were 4 elk in with the cows and calves this morning.
When I came out to the car, all my children were in the back pasture taking pictures!

 But instead of seeing it as a hindrance, it was such a blessing to behold a glorious sight.
How often to you see huge animals meandering along with your cattle....who seem to not even notice they have ginormous visitors?

This life right here, right now....it's where the good stuff happens.

I have to remind myself to slow down and look for those moments that are gems in the day.
Life is always busy.
But there really is time to enjoy the little things.
The big things and the little things.
To focus and be present, not lost in the next thing on the agenda.
Carving out and clearing a spot to relax and savor the time.
I find that most memorable moments, you know, the ones you talk about for years and years...
they took seconds to happen, maybe minutes.

So why not stop and completely enjoy the moments in the day that might seem like a hindrance....but unfold as a blessing.

They are there if you look :)

Wishing you a bright day with moments filled with joy.



Simply At Home said...

Lovely Julia, I love this post. When my little ones want to know what are we doing tomorrow. I always say, let not think about it. Lets just enjoy right now today.

Gumbo Lily said...

You're a good mama. Living in the "now" is so wise.


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