Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just Be

 Oh this thing called motherhood heart just swells watching my kids grow into wonderful people.
They are gifts, from God to nurture into who He wants them to be.
And it is definitely a labor of the heart.
My most important job.

They are growing big.
Bigger than I want and I realize that this fleeting time takes effort to slow.
To remember the moments and savor the time we have together.

The days are full of irrigating for the neighbors, helping on our little farm, chores, sports, 4-H, and school.
So many things. Wonderful things that are turning out to be lovely opportunities for our children to grow.

I love watching them thrive.
But the time I really enjoy the most is just being with them.
Talking together and listening to their thoughts.

 Encouraging them, praising them, maybe even correcting a thought or two.

Just being...that's where the good stuff is.
That's where time slows and hearts connect.
I will never regret the time I spend with my children.
The oodles of time spent in conversation....and I might be busy preparing dinner, or planting potatoes, or feeding cattle.
But my attention is on them.

The longer I am a mama, the more I realize that it isn't always about all of the activities and things that we can get our kids involved in.
That is always there for the taking.
Sometimes....taking time away from sweet moments that might be needed.
Down time to just be.

To let life flow at home naturally and placing the sweet people in your home highest in your mind for the day.
We all need that...don't we?

Wishing you a day full of memory making and just living peacefully!


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