Friday, May 1, 2015

On the Farm

This week we started irrigating which will keep things green and growing for the next few months.
I am so thrilled to have some moisture.
Our area is in a declared drought and water is below the 50% level.

There may only be a first cutting of hay for most farmers this season.
Fire danger is already high, too.
But we will trust God's timing in everything.
And enjoy His beauty. 
Because worrying...well.., what does it really do for you?
Nothing good comes of worry and stress.
God knows what is going to happen, and I would rather trust Him because He sure has our best interest in mind :).

I just love the icicles hanging from the wheel line and trees up front after a cold night.
A little winter scene in the middle of spring.

 The kids have three 4-H piggies:
Baconater, Nelvis Pigsley, and Spanky.

The kids work with them every day and they are already so friendly.
Baconater will roll over on his back when you can scratch his tummy.

The baby calves are growing, too.
I think I could take pictures of them ALL day!

 I mean...really? 
Could the double chins be any cuter?

Wishing you all the loveliest weekend!



Mindy said...

Those pigs! And the calf! So cute they are. Our area has a very active 4H program and many of the members also join the high school Ag program when they are of age. We are fortunate to have a wonderful Christian teacher who cares so much for her Ag students. It is an award winning program and the students benefit so much through scholarships as well as general skills to take them far in life.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Beautiful photos! And best pig names ever ;)

Kim said...

Pretty sure I saw a quadruple chin on that calf. ;) So cute!

Gumbo Lily said...

All good stuff happening on the farm. Those pigs! Those calvies! Hoping that you get some needed rains soon. I think all of us in the West are dry.

Simply At Home said...

Hi Julia...God is good and His timing is always perfect. Aw what cute little pigs. Your farm is beautiful.

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