Monday, June 22, 2015

On Boys and Fishing

They live, breathe, and dream of fishing, these boys of mine { + an extra one who feels like my own}.
I hear it in their conversations, see the many You Tube videos that they watch, researching techniques.
Their tackle boxes look like the inside of a Cabellas fishing aisle.
Two aren't driving yet, the other can't take extra riders in the car for another few secretly, I really love that I can drive them to a fishing hole and see their excitement for the thrill of the catch.
Even for just a few more months.
Fishing and's a good thing.
A wholesome focus in life that keeps them busy and wishing for more time in the golden sun on the bank of a well stocked pond.



Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Awwwh! This is lovely!! If I wasn't so terrified (yes, make fun of me all you want! lol!) of earth worms, I'd like to fish more! ;) What a peaceful and mom-love filled post! :)

Ngo Family Farm said...

So sweet.

connie said...

Beautiful post Julia, I don't have the fishin gene but I have tried a time or two. It is relaxing and exciting but I am with Kaitlin, can't get pass the worm thing. My sister is a fishing woman, as well as my dad and brother so they taught me to use corn. I did catch a fish or two but I turned them back in. So I just choose to be the sunbather in my family. No fishin poles for me.. I can relate to your boys, my son loves to fish so I guess he got the gene I didn't get. lol... Good post..

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