Friday, June 26, 2015

The Farm Stand

Over Christmas my hubby built me this darling farm stand.
You can read about it here...

This week I finally have enough flowers to open a couple days a week.

Lily and I have been working hard to stock a few blooms to sell, along with some fresh herbs, and potted perennials.

I love that my girl loves flowers just as much as I do!

 Our little road side stand is in business!
And, as with any venture, we are learning a long the way.
I had to play around with howto place the stand.
After watching how the sun danced around the cart during the day, we angles it so that the products have shade until about 7pm.
{I have posted some end of the day pictures}.

Keeping the flowers cool has been a little challenge, too.
Right now we are in a heat wave!
Frozen water bottles have done the trick. 
Placed in between the jars, the water stays cool for most of the day, and the flowers fresh!

We live out of town, so it is a bit of a drive to our stand. 
Right now, I only have a few things blooming.
Hopefully, by mid-summer we will be able to offer flowers 4-5 days a week, and people will think it is worth the drive.
We may consider moving the stand to a more visible location if traffic is an issue.

It really is just a neat project for the family.
The kids are excited about it and it is fun to think that THIS....

became THIS...

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!



hello haha narf said...

how wonderful! such a cute stand. i'd buy from you, but i'm in pittsburgh, pa. sad that i can't appreciate your adorable stand and its goodies in person!

Carol Blanchet said...

Did you hand letter your "produce and flowers" sign? The mailbox for payment is perfect - or is that where you store the bags? Either way, it's super cute along with all the rest!

Julia said...

I did paint the letters by hand, Carol. I just enlarged a font I liked, printed them out, and then traced into the board. The mailbox is for $$....but I am trying to find one that I can hang on one of the supoorting posts. I see them in town on people's fences and houses. Just haven't located a mailbox like that yet!


Linda said...

How delightful!!! You have a beautiful blog and I love visiting you!

Carol Blanchet said...

Well, you did a fabulous job on the sign. You might try your local Ace Hardware for a hanging style mailbox (or antique store). I know you'll find just the right thing. :-)

Gumbo Lily said...

It's a wonderful stand! I look forward to seeing how your venture grows and changes.

Simply At Home said...

HI Julia, oh wow I was wondering how it was going with the fresh farm stand. Looks great keep us posted over the summer.

Unknown said...

Cute as can be!! You will have fun with this! Love the lettering you did

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