I am a collector of moments, caught, and the words written, simply and graciously.
This space is a record{of sorts}of a good life, not exempt from hardships, which makes the joy moments even sweeter. Life is just like that!
A return to less, finding more in contentment, thankfulness, and living fully.

Gratitude is the cornerstone of our days, a simple contentment for what we have been blessed with.
I am a friend, mama to four precious people who I love to the moon and back, soul-mate to one, lover of small spaces and good design, curator of home and farm, keeper of words.
 I am partial to good books, good food, and a child of Christ.

This blog started as a love letter to my family. A way to keep hold of all the good moments.
It grew to much more and I so happy to have met so many wonderful people along the way.

Home is where I always want to be.

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