Friday, May 7, 2010

Four Kids and 1400 Square Feet

      I live in the most perfect little farm house there is. No doubt about it! We have four wonderful kids and 1400 wonderful square feet of coziness. Most people who visit us ask the classic question, "Aren't you going to add on?" or "Isn't this getting a little tight?" Well, we aren't adding on any time soon. Are my kids suffering because they don't have their own rooms? No. I think they are actually better because of it:0). Are we a little tight? Yup. I have learned to love it, though. It hasn't stopped us from hosting family get togethers of 20+ people or seating 12 people for Thanksgiving dinner.  My brother was married here at our farm two years ago with 100 people in attendance. I have hosted large baby showers, teas, birthday parties. You name it, our little farm house has provided us with a way to do it:0). 

    I know that there are those living in cozier situations. I so admire you! I just love gleaning ideas from people who do more with less. We built our little house about 10 years ago...when we had two darling boys. Three bedrooms and two baths was huge to us! We had been living in a park model trailer for two years while we went through the building process and purchase of our land. It was an amazing dream come true and still is! Hubby is living out his desire to farm, we are able to raise our children in a manner that is reminiscent of years gone by, and there is the enjoyment of having a large family who enjoys working together. There was a time though that I was not truly thankful for all of this. Can you imagine that? Nope. I was stuck in the "if only" mode. If only I had a bigger kitchen. If only I had a couple of more bedrooms. If only there was more money. I won't do this or that to the house until we add on here or there. You get the picture. I think it is human nature to want more. We all do. In the last year, though, the Lord has truly put it upon my heart to be thankful. Thankful not only for what I have materially, but for what He provides for us daily. Love, beautiful kids, health, fun, family, good neighbors...the list goes on. Sometimes I think we could all use a little Pollyanna and play the "glad game." He wants us to be content in everything no matter what. Here is the most wonderful part about discovering that. You have PEACE. Peace in your heart knowing things are OK. Peace that starts to flow into other parts of your life: your parenting, your marriage, your friendships. When you choose contentedness, I truly believe that the Lord blesses you in ways that you cannot imagine.

     So, I have chosen this. Not to just be content, but blissfully content. Blissfully content in all areas...including my home. That's where it all starts. Home. Thankfulness. We are determined to make this little farm house work for us in more ways than one. To make do with what we have, to spend less, to create not only a beautiful home space, but a beautiful feeling inside these walls. To be... blissfully content. 

~ Julia


Ashley said...

I LOVE this!!! We live in an 1100 ft. home! And we too get asked the same questions all the time!!! :) Love the encouraging words of this post!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Hi- I'm a new follower! I live in a small home as well and wouldn't have it any other way!

Anonymous said...

I just found your site. It's lovely! I have 6 children living in 1200 square feet. We love our home and our family life! The old adage: Love grows best in little houses!
-A fellow mother named Connie said...

What an awesome post! I came because Leslie of Farm Fresh had pinned your blog on her Pinterest

I grew up half of my life in a house 1100 square feet with six of us..we only had one bath. My Dad went into business for himself and his success moved us to a 2800 square foot house...three baths. The memories from us sharing rooms is what is talked about when we gather around the table.
When married we had our three boys all share a room...later they had their own, but guess what they talk about?...yes when they shared a room. More isn't necessarily better.

Thanks for this inspiring post

Nicole said...

I LOVE this!!! We live in an 1100 ft. home! And we too get asked the same questions all the time!!! :) Love the encouraging words of this post!

Simply At Home said...

As always beautifully spoken. A small home brings closeness. We live in a 1500 sq foot. I would love to downsize even smaller. My hubby thinks I am crazy. I love living simple with little. So I can give more. Kind of new to your blog enjoying read your older post.

The Robinettes! said...

I have tears rolling down my face right now. I needed this more than anything. I think hearing this made my YEAR. You see, our house is all packed up. We even have an offer on our home. God has been placing on my heart to be thankful and content with what I have. We really are blessed. I have a happy marriage and 5 beautiful children. We have been here for 10 years and each one of our children came home to this little house of 1400 square feet and we also had this house built and have great neighbors. I feel like you were writing about us, except we don't have a farm but we do have a new raised garden! With all this being said, yesterday we literally decided to stay here. Reading this was a God thing. I think I can truly start to think about being content. So, THANK YOU!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Dear Julia,
I found you through Faye Henry at The Blessed Hearth.

This is just what I needed to read tonight. I believe God brought me here.

Please drop by!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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