Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Room for Two, A Room That's Blue.

     I have a little Princess and I have a little Pea. He wasn't always a Pea. He was 10 lbs. 3 oz. at birth. A real whopper! Now he is in the 10th percentile in height and weight. Go figure...they are all so different. The Princess really loves the Pea and they truly enjoy sharing a room. I had a dilemma, though. I have a girl who LOVES pink and a boy who loves airplanes. Whew...not a good combo. So, inspired by Layla Palmer's guest bedroom from The Lettered Cottage...

{see more details HERE}, we came up with a calming  little blue room.
What I loved about Layla's design was that it was so neutral. A boy or girl would love that space! She is so very talented and has great resources on how to do more with less. Love that! Layla is one of my design heroes!!

The butter cream walls were painted when Princess was born. The color was discontinued...I was so sad! She agreed that even though she loves pink, blue is her second favorite color. Her roommate loves " bwoo and lellow airpwanes," so I think we hit the jackpot. We will probably add pink accents here and there for Princess as the room develops:0).

      I will not pretend to be an interior designer. I really have no experience. Our room is different from the Lettered Cottage bedroom, but I think it still has a restful feeling when you walk in. What I would love to show you is that you can put together a lovely room for very little. The total cost on the entire bedroom was under $200. That includes beds and mattresses.

{The wainscoting was already in place.  We spent $5o in lumber and $20 in paint for the whole room.} 

Comforters: Given to us by Grandma. Cost $0

I made a duvet to cover both of them, using a sweet light blue pinstripe on one side, and a twin flat sheet on the other. The pinstripe fabric was about $4 a yard, so I had to off-set the price with the sheet on the reverse. In a way it is nice; we can change the look with a flip of the comforters. I tied them down with thin white yarn to get more of the pincushion effect. 

1 mattress: Given to us. Cost $0

2nd mattress found at Goodwill for $11.00...brand new!

Mattress pads: $36

White spindle bunk beds: Found on Craig's List for $40. We separated them after figuring out that 2 year olds and bunk beds don't mix :0).

Night stand found at yard sale for $1. I spray painted it white and lightly distressed it. 

Lamp: $2 at Goodwill.

Shade: $3.

See that lovely electrical box? One day I hope to build a white bookcase to cover that!
The Princess and the Pea both play with dolls. She has a Bitty, he has Baby Boom Boom. His baby takes a lot of falls {boom-booms}.

We were really blessed with great light in this bedroom. 
Curtains from a rummage sale for $2.
Pine curtain rod from Ikea for about $10. 

Bed skirts: .99 cents each at Goodwill. One was a king and I just sized it down.

Sheets: 2 sets for $5.99 each. 

Second sets for $14 each. 

Pillows are a favorite of mine. They warm things right up! The striped pillow case fabric was $2 a yard at Walmart. Score! Total spent: $4 for 2 cases. The diamond patterned fabric was also from Walmart for $2. I used a half of a yard for each one and added fun buttons from my own collection. 

The kids had a couple of existing pillows. The rest I made. The fabric on the tall pillow in the back is from Joann's Fabrics and the light blue ticking from a local fabric store. Using coupon deals, I didn't spend over $5 a yard.

          Using a frame we already had, I mixed a pale blue paint for the frame and printed pictures of AIRPLANES out for my Sweet Pea.Total cost: $0

I made the pictures with letters above the bed by printing a J and L on the computer. The frames are from the Dollar Store and the mats were from yard sales. I painted the mats with the same color blue that I mixed for the airplane frame. I had the ribbon and used a tiny white cabinet pull for the hanger. Hot glue works great to attach both the ribbon and knobs! Total cost for both: under $5.

Here are those great roll away bins! Just roll them out and you are ready to play. All of our bins were given to us by some generous neighbors who were no longer using them.

Total cost for the entire room: about $200. 

The Princess and the Pea have sweet dreams...and so do I knowing I didn't break the bank:0).

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Cheech said...

Great post, Ju! What beautiful pics you took!:]

List Mama said...

Beautiful room! I think you are wrong about 1 thing - you do have a talent for interior design. I had a princess and a pea, but now we have another princess (who is just turning 5 already - boy, they grow fast). So my princesses share a room and we are in the process of sprucing it up. I am inspired by your pretty palette. Thanks for sharing!


Lettered Cottage said...

SO awesome! I love it, love it, love it!

Thank you for sharing it with us!

Layla :-)

Julia said...

Thanks so much Jen for your sweet comment. Good luck with your girls' bedroom!


Julia said...


Thanks for your encouragement! I love getting ideas off of your site:0).


Robin {keephomesimple} said...

Your children's room is gorgeous! I love all the pillows and the airplane prints. What a wonderful momma you are to give them such a beautiful calming bedroom! Love it!
Robin -

Kaysi said...

What a gorgeous room!! I love the color that you used!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

It's really beautiful! I like where you put the doll cradle. I think I will turn the one at my house; it goes the other way. It's very much like what I want to have in my girls' room.

Mandy Beyeler said...

great job!! I too love the calmness. THanks for linking at take-a-look tuesday. Mandy,

Michele said...

You did a wonderful job decorating this room. It is very cozy and cute. Looks like a professional did it to me!

Unknown said...

Thanks for helping us have a great Tuesday at Anything Related! ~Bridgette

Anonymous said...

Lovely! You did a marvelous job. Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

What a cute room! The yellow is so pretty without being too bright. And you got so many good deals on the decor!

Sandy said...

Hi Julia,
What a prettyful room (that is how my little ones say beautiful) I love it.
I was considering (when our house is "done" - and I know some day it will) I wanted to put my two youngest (boy and girl) together and I love how you did it!

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