Thursday, June 17, 2010


     I was getting ready for bed around 10pm last night. Winding down, putting my pajamas on. Just thinking how smooth this is all going. Dad's asleep, the kids are all in bed. It is positively peaceful. Then the door cracks open and I hear Sis screaming in her loudest whisper, "We know who got the chicken!!!" {We lost a chick a couple of weeks ago}. "It's a skunk! He is over there right now." The boys chime in, "Don't worry, Mom, we're going out to get him." I'm dressing, and all I can think is that I don't have enough tomato juice for all three of them. I quickly finished and sure enough, it is Tim, my excruciatingly exuberant boy out looking for the skunk. I stopped him, because, well...there is good reason to not hunt skunks in the dark:). Welcome to blissful farm life.  

     Darren and I have always looked for those special gifts that God has bestowed upon our children. We really try and give them opportunities to develop their gifts and talents. They are all so precious to us.

     When Tim was 7 1/2, he decided that he wanted to be a cattleman. When he was 8, he struck a deal with our neighbor to work for her. In exchange, he wanted a breeding to her bull. She mentioned that he didn't have any cows yet. He replied that he would...soon. We also traded pasture for a little steer and Tim raised him by himself. He worked for Dad to help pay for the feed. In the Fall, he sold the meat and helped deliver it. He irrigated, helped farm, and did extra chores to earn money. At night, he read every book he could on raising cattle in a productive way. He also researched different breeds.

This Spring, he searched newspapers, the internet, and craigslist and bought these lovely ladies...


 Nellie...her little heifer.

They are registered Red Angus.
Most people in our area raise Black Angus, so Tim decided that he wanted something a little different.

He spends a lot of time out there with his cows.
Bessie is due in the Fall, so he is getting ready for "calving season:)"

We love to watch him grow into the person God wants him to be.

PS: This is what Bessie thinks about being photographed...



Debby said...

I might be a little weird but those cows are cute. SO nice when our children have paths that they take.

Dani G said...

Oh Jules! I hope that skunk stays away...your poor chick! I'll have to get the rest of the details tomorrow! : ( And boy we're so proud of Tim! He's turning into such a remarkable "Man". I love the "girls" they look great! He looks like he's doing such a great job with them! Please pass along how proud we are of him!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Red Angus cows are my favorite!! Great stories!

asnipofgoodness said...

What a sweet post Julia, and what a precious Momma you are! Love your blog!

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