Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday Night Movie Night

We have had a long standing tradition at our house that Friday night is MOVIE NIGHT. Usually, we snuggle up after dinner and get ready for ice cream, floats, fruit and cheeses, or popcorn. The kids really look forward to this every week. It is a great way to spend time together and I love that they have these little memories to take with them as they get older.

Keep Home Simple had a totally fun idea to make movie nights even more exciting. 

Popcorn funnels. Click HERE for a complete tutorial.
Wouldn't these be fun for other celebrations...birthdays, 4th of July, or Autumn get togethers?



Cheech said...

Wow! Super cute Ju! We will have to try those!!

Whatever Is Lovely said...

Hi Julia! Just came over from Rie's blog.. You have such a nice blog! Gorgeous scenery where you live! I've signed up to follow.. so I'll stop by & visit again soon! :)

Hope you are having a Beautiful week!
Big Hugs ~ Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi I left you a post over on your beautiful fence post...(pun not intended) I just thought that was todays post....

Anonymous said...

Your kids are young enough to appreciate your great popcorn kids would look at me like I needed to be shipped of to the looney bin....they would require the whole bowl.

Debby said...

I came here by way or Rie. You sound like my kind of person so decided to follow. Come visit me at Cozy Blanket.
I love your little dresses. The princess and the pea room is perfect.

Ashley said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog? But I am SO glad I did!!!
Love love love love your blog! I do believe it is my current favorite! I still have yet to read through all of your posts.
I had to laugh because your life/home sounds very much like my own! We live in a small 2 bedroom house. My husband, my sister (20), 2 babies and myself. It's a tight squeeze but we make it work!
In a society where the common theme is MORE and BIGGER your blog is SO refreshing!!! Thankyou for posting Philippians of my faves!
Can't wait to read more! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to keep it simple and to keep our eyes on what lasts! God bless!

Julia said...

Ashley, you are a dear:). And so encouraging! We do make it work, don't we? It is always so uplifting to hear from others who are in a similar place in life. Thanks for your lovely comment:).


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