Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Antique Show...

Today was such a perfect day for browsing amongst the lovely things...

I can't tell you how fun it was...and oh the things that caught my eye...

Aren't those the sweetest pillow case dresses?

I loved these patchwork chenille baby blankets made by a group of church ladies.

I was a good girl and stuck to my budget.
I was on the lookout for a couple of things to use for Christmas presents and found them for a great price!

Blue canning jars and zinc lids.
I'll show you what I am doing with them soon:).
I also found extra lids.

Clayson Farm was so picturesque.
It was packed...there must have been 500 people there! 
Look at the darling porch ideas...

This little lunch box would have been perfect for Sis on homeschool field trips:).

I have been eyeballing old laundry hampers for some time. Don't you love the liner?

There were lots of neat beds.

And grain sack pillows...oh the soft, sturdy feel of the fabrics is so wonderful!

I decided I need to make one of these runners:).

It was such a fun day. Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures:).



The Pennington Point said...

PANT-PANT....oh my goodness. How did you leave any of that stuff behind? My heart would be leaping out of my chest! Lisa~

Leslie said...

oh how i wish i was there

Stef said...

Julia!! How in the world did you stick to your budget??? Good job. I picked up a blue canning jar a few weeks ago - I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours and the Christmas presents you're putting together - what lucky recipients!! Also, are you planning on posting the bicycle baskets? I would love to make something like that. The girls are REALLY into their bikes and trykes and definitely into loading baskets and bags up with a bunch of stuff.

Glad you had a good time - the pictures are such great eye candy. I don't think we have good antique shows like that around here - probably a good thing because I pretty much have no self-control. :) Enjoy your Sunday!

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