Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer's End & The County Fair

What a whirlwind of fun we had this past week!
Will and Tim were thrilled to be a part of the Fair and showed pigs for the first time.
They both did so ribbons and smiles all the way.
They also pitched in to help the 4-H club and worked hard to present the club well.
We were so proud:).
Here are just a few pictures from our week living at the fairgrounds...

We rode the mechanical bull. 
My sweet girl didn't give it a second thought.
I just love the expression on the little boy's face in the background:).

The boys were chomping at the bit to ride...of course...

...trying to out do the guys who went before them.
It was all in good fun:).

Jack just loved the goats. 
They were his favorite and he was VERY concerned that they might miss him.
So he wouldn't leave. 
I think he spent 10 minutes with this lucky guy...who fell asleep.

The boys showed their piggies so well!
It is a little harder than it looks.
Pigs are fast and curious. You have to keep them occupied and moving in a ring with 7 other pigs...who have the same thing {mischief} on their minds.

Doris was the speeder.
She broke all the rules and ran a few laps in her classes!

Here she is giving Auntie Angie a little kiss:).

The experience was such a wonderful memory for everyone. 
4-H is a genuinely fantastic organization for kids.
We were all a bit relieved to not have to get up at 4:30am any longer, but sad to see Fair end. 
It is a monumental time of the year for us. 
The Fair symbolizes the last few wistful days of Summer coming to an end.
Goodness, even the warm weather has disappeared and in its place are blustery cool temperatures. 
Time to break out the hats and gloves:).

The memories of this Summer are lasting...
Isn't that what it is all about? 
Taking the time to etch fondness between family and friends in our hearts. 
That has been my theme this year.
Instead of thinking of the "big picture" each day and everything that I have to get done...I pause.
I try to hug a little more often...include them in what I am 
I read about a study done to find out how many times a child needed hugs each day. It was discovered that they need at least 12. If they receive that many, they are more confident and have better self-esteem.
Amazing...isn't it?

I will leave you with a couple of my favorite Summer pictures of my sweet hubby and kids fishing as the sun was going down. 
A perfect end to a hot Summer day.

Have a great day!



Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Oh, my... Brings back SO MANY memories, sigh. I not only grew up on a hog farm, but had many hogs at the fair for many years. More my sisters and brother as I was more shy about it and showing, though! Yes, they are little stinkers to show for sure. ;) (or to even get out in the ring!) And I'm with your little one... I'm in love with goats. I just adore them and plan on a pen of them...someday.

Melissa said...

What a delightful photo essay. I enjoyed it immensely thanks for sharing it!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

4-H and animals are so good for growing strong kiddos. Love the fishing pic! County fairs are the best family time ever!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I grew up as a 4-H girl, but no animals - just sewing and cooking. The fair brings back such great memories!

Renata said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! The fair looks like so much fun - something my kids would love!

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