Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun Barn Sale Find...Antique Crib

Oh, I just HAD to share my barn sale find of the weekend! 
The kids save their money and about once a month we hit the yard sales...or barn this was the case:).

I spotted it in the corner tucked away. 
I really didn't NEED it, so it was going to have to be a couple of dollars for me to REALLY justify bringing it home.
But, it was chippy, worn, old and perfect!
Best of all, the sweet lady running the sale said she just wanted to GIVE it away!

I assured her I would give her beloved baby crib a good home.
She even painted it with lead free paint at some point. 

Don't you love the darling color and great detail?
I just love older pieces.
They are so sturdy and the little accents are always special and unique.

 Lily and I cleaned it up with soap and water when we got home. 
Being the sweet Mommy that she is to her babies, she begged to put it in her room.

We made a makeshift mattress out of blankets and a favorite sheet.I was so excited the little bed matched her antique high chair and white spindle seat. 

I found the pink Amsco high chair on Ebay a few years ago for $9.99. The little white chair was a yard sale find for $2.

She and Jack share a we did OK this with him first:). 
Being only three, he was thrilled that his baby "Boom-Boom" would have his own bed, too.

I love this season of motherhood!

Eventually, my sister and I will use it as a prop for a booth we are planning on this Spring. There are a couple of amazing shows we are going to try and make it to.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Cheyenne said...

FOR REAL?! I think I may be turning a not so John Deere shade of green....


If we only lived somewhat closer, I would sneak by and curl my lil ol self up in that thing and dream happy thoughts cause IT'S JUST SO DANGED BEAUTIFUL!

Leslie said...

this is amazing and so gorgeous. i love that it looks like it has been gnawed on a little by some little one.

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