Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Field Trip to the Ranch...

What a day we had visiting the incredible Whitaker Ranch on Monday! 
It was such a wonderful opportunity to see a family that works together and makes their living off of cattle.
That's something you don't hear of everyday!
Rich and LaDonna were such sweet hosts and we truly had a lovely time. 
We learned a lot about intensive grazing practices, how much land you really need to run a large herd, and how they have turned their calving season around to summer. 
The pregnant cows benefit greatly from the lush grasses and alfalfa in the last two months. 

Here are some pictures from our fantastic day...

They built this beautiful home. 
Charity and I thought it was original to the ranch it looks so authentic.

The ranch is a long standing one, and there have been very few changes in ownership.

This is the house original to the ranch.

There is land as far as the eye can see...

Here is Richard explaining to the kids how they brand their cows.
And here are some of their happy cows...

I loved talking to Rich and LaDonna about how they have raised their children in a very simple way.
 We are doing things  similarly:). 
I have a sweet spot in my heart for families that work together. The Whitakers have homeschooled their kids and provided lots of opportunity to work, learn, and play on the ranch.  
And what a place to do that!
5000 acres give you a lot of options:).
Shane, their son, gave our kids a little tour of the ridge and creek. I think my boys would be stuck fishing all day if we lived here:). 

Jack and my niece, Graysen, loved their fun dog...Jack.

Recently, they built this movable chicken coop. 
How neat! can intensive graze chickies, too!

LaDonna prepared the most delicious meal of split pea soup, homemade bread and egg salad for us to enjoy.
It was so hearty and yummy!
She also showed us this delightful quilt she made.

Thank you Richard, LaDonna, and Shane for giving us such a special day on your ranch! 
You are truly an inspiration!

If you would like to order delicious grass fed beef from the Whitakers, you can visit their website HERE.

Hope you enjoyed the tour...I know we did!
Have a lovely day!!


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Robin {keephomesimple} said...

I love the idea of the hard working farming simple life. It's not something you hear a lot about in this day in age. Thanks for sharing your neat adventures on the ranch.

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