Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prairie Girl Coveralls

I made these coveralls for Lily this week from a vintage pattern that I modified to our liking.
I just love old patterns...the patina...the styles.

This pattern is reminiscent of a 1930's-1940's style overall.
I looked and looked for an original pattern, but had to come up with my own modifications.
We just love them.
They are super comfortable, you can use a wide variety of fabrics, and they wear really well!

I just move the buttons as she grows.
In the summer, we pair the coveralls with a short sleeve shirt, and as the cooler weather comes, we wear long sleeves or a sweater.
It is nice to have a piece of clothing that lasts through multiple seasons.

I used a simple cotton that my cousin had gifted to me.
I have also made her a pair out of denim and a thick broad cloth.

We call them "Prairie Girl Coveralls" after my darling girl...who lives on the prairie.

Have a wonderful day!


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Leslie said...

oh goodness these are adorable!

KimMalk said...

These are so cute -- I used to make a similar pattern when my girls were young. It's so easy to make them more feminine with the addition of pink or puff-sleeved tops.

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