Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The puppies are all doing great and we are sure enjoying them.
They really aren't handled that much during the first two weeks, but we have had to move them to clean their bed and just look them over everyday.
Nine of them are absolute pork chops with round little bellies, silky coats, and energy to spare.

 I am loving their colors!
The pups are half Border Collie and half Golden Retriever.
We have gray/white mix and black/white and they are all so adorable.

On Sunday, we left for the day and my parents took over caring for the puppies.
A litter of 10 is huge and I was watching two smaller pups. 
One of them seemed to find enough to eat, but this one wasn't thriving by day 2.
Meet Poppy....named after Poppa {my Dad} who helped to save her life, along with my sweet Mom.
We have been feeding her a special puppy formula that I am making with whole yogurt, a little Karo syrup, and wonderful raw goat's milk from our neighbors the Anderson's.

Poor Poppy is about half the size of her other litter mates.
We are doing everything we can to save her:).

She eats like a pro.
 We wash her afterwards and stimulate her little tummy.
Then she rests on a heat pad next to a little stuffed dog.
We also bring her in several times a day to be with Daisy and the rest of the pups.
She has been nursing a little.

And even though it is a lot of is worth it in my opinion!
The kids are learning so much and enjoying every minute!


*We brought Poppy to the vet and found she had a {not so bad} cleft palate.
The vet thought it may heal together, so we ended up tube feeding to give her a chance.
Poppy didn't make it....but we gave her a good run for her money!
We are all sad, of course, but it is a part of life and we learned so much through her brief time here:).


christan perona said...

I love Poppy.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

They are beautiful!! My 9 year old and I just looked at enjoyed looking at your pics....that Poppy is so sweet. Hope she thrives.

Ana Paula R. Portela said...

I wish Poppy survive.
You and your family are doing a very beautifull job.
Thank you for share Poppy's history and journey with us.

Goldie said...

That little Poppy is so cute! I cant believe she is only half the size of the other pups! I pray she thrives and lives a happy farm dog life!

Shannon said...

What a sweet little puppy. I am happy she is eating and growing. With all that love and attention how can she not thrive?

Puppies are alot of work but also alot of fun. Our yellow lab is almost 10 years old. We purchased him from friends of ours who owned his momma. They called us when she went into labor and we were able to be there when he was born. It was so special! Enjoy your puppies and thank you for sharing them :o)


Kristiana said...

I miss our puppies!!! We had a litter of min. schnauzer puppies a few months ago and although it was a lot of work I loved them a lot!! Very cute!! I so enjoy having puppies around.

Many Blessings!

Kristiana said...

P.S. are you going to keep them all?

jamie w said...

Thank you for sharing your puppies with us. They are too precious. Poppy is adorable and with the love and care she is receiving from you guys I'm sure she will thrive and be a very happy farm dog.

Melissa said...

Awwww I really really hope she is able to thrive! What a little sweetie. And the chunky puppies are awfully sweet too.

Julia said...

Thanks so much for all of your sweet words of encouragement! I hope Poppy survives, too. We are taking her to the vet this morning to make sure we are doing everything we can!


Ironstone and Pine said...

Will pray for Poppy.....she's in good hands, literally! They are all adorable!

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